Minecraft Armor Trims - List of Locations, Recipes and More
Minecraft 1.20
Armor Trims
Discover how to customize your armor with Minecraft Armor Trims in the Trails & Tales update with our simple and detailed Wiki guide.
How to Find Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21
Minecraft 1.21
Trial Chamber
Learn how to enable, find, and conquer Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21. Explore our easy step-by-step guide.
What is Trial Vault in Minecraft 1.21
Trial Chamber
Minecraft 1.21
Trial Vault
Discover the new Trial Vault in Minecraft 1.21. Learn how to unlock this rare block and get exclusive loot.
Trial Chamber in Minecraft 1.21: Mobs, Loot and More
Minecraft 1.21
Trial Chamber
Enter a new world of adventures with the Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21 update. Discover what mobs, loot and new mechanics you can get in this upcoming structure.
Breeze in Minecraft 1.21: Everything You Need to Know
Minecraft 1.21
Minecraft Mobs
Meet Breeze, a new Minecraft 1.21 mob that uses wind attacks to harm their enemies. Find our everything you need to know about finding and defeating it.
How to Get Pottery Sherds in Minecraft 1.20
Minecraft 1.20
Decorated Pots
Pottery Sherds
Learn how to get Pottery Sherds in Minecraft 1.20 and unlock a bunch of creatively decorated pots to level up your base.
How to Make and Use Decorated Pots in Minecraft (2024)
Decorated Pots
Crafting Recipe
Learn how to make Decorated Pots in Minecraft and discover their new storage features.
How to Make a Carpet in Minecraft (2023)
Minecraft Basics
Crafting Recipe
Learn how to make carpets in Minecraft with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Also, discover how to dye carpets to unlock all of their types.
What Do Camels Eat in Minecraft 1.20
Minecraft Mobs
Feed, breed and heal your desert rides. Discover what camels eat in Minecraft and how to safely get their food.
How to Repair Armor in Minecraft (5 Methods)
Discover the best ways to repair armor in Minecraft. There might be a way to even profit from your damaged gear.
How to Make an Axe in Minecraft (2024)
Unlock the ultimate weapon and a reliable tool, learn how to make and use an Axe in Minecraft.
Where to Find Coal in Minecraft (2024)
Minecraft Ores
From spawn location to uses, learn how to get coal in Minecraft. Also discover the best ways to collect a bunch of this black mineral in no time.
7 Best Minecraft Badlands Seeds You Shouldn't Miss
Minecraft Seeds
Explore our list of best seeds to reach the Badlands biome in Minecraft. From glitched villages to red survival islands, there's something for everyone!
How to Get and Use Wind Charge in Minecraft
Wind Charge
Get the power of Breeze in your hand. Learn how to find, obtain, and use Wind Charge in Minecraft!
Bogged in Minecraft 1.21: All You Need to Know
Minecraft Mobs
Meet the new hostile mob from Minecraft 1.21 update. Learn everything you need to know about Bogged from spawning to abilities.
How to Find Bogged in Minecraft 1.21
Minecraft Mobs
Trial Chamber
Get ready to meet the deadliest skeletons and learn how to find Bogged in Minecraft. Explore spawn conditions, biomes and more.
Top 10 Beautiful Paintings in Minecraft
Decorative Blocks
Decorate your base with some of the most beautiful paintings in Minecraft. Explore our list to find the best options.
10 Minecraft Village Build Ideas You Must Try
Build Ideas
Upgrade your villages in Minecraft with unique build ideas. Explore tutorials, descriptions, images, and more.
Complete List of Paintings in Minecraft (2024)
Decorative Blocks
Step into an art gallery and discover all the paintings in Minecraft. Explore their types, sizes and artworks.
How to Make Candles in Minecraft - Easy Guide
Crafting Recipe
Discover the crafting recipe for candles in Minecraft. Also learn how to find, collect and dye them with our step-by-step guide.
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