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Complex Gaming [1.20]
2067/5000 playing now
100/400 playing now
POPULAR WildWood SMP - Lifesteal - Ear...
CraftYourTown | 1.20
35/36 playing now
POPULAR A Minecraft Java Network like ...
Complex Gaming [1.20]
2067/5000 playing now
[1.20] • SKYBLOCK • SURVIV...
OPBlocks Network
2126/2500 playing now
✰ 1.20 ✰ PRISON ✰ SKYBLO...
93/200 playing now
EarthMC is the oldest and most...
1149/1500 playing now
Welcome to Penguin.GG! We are ...
Pixelmon Servers
222/999 playing now
291/2000 playing now
[Version 1.18 - 1.19] AppleMC ...
0/0 playing now
754/1000 playing now
NeoNetwork is a brand new serv...
CosmosMC [1.20]
139/1000 playing now
Welcome to CosmosMC. Our serve...
Mineland Network
772/3227 playing now
[ 1.8x - 1.20x] The best serve...
100/400 playing now
WildWood SMP - Lifesteal - Ear...
176/100 playing now
Herobrine is a Minecraft serve...
537/538 playing now
NationsGlory is the world's fi...
365/1000 playing now
Public Minecraft SMP for JAVA ...
Vanilla Realms 1.20
41/200 playing now
| 1.19.2 SMP | Fun Survival | ...
Sunny Survival
14/250 playing now
Sunny Survival is a Java Editi...
TulipSurvival SMP 1.20
26/1000 playing now
1.20! Minecraft SMP - Grief pr...
49/200 playing now
Welcome to MysticMC the be-all...
The Seed
14/1000 playing now
The Seed was created with one ...
90/300 playing now
Stake your claim in a dynamic ...
CraftYourTown | 1.20
35/36 playing now
A Minecraft Java Network like ...
185/7777 playing now
JackpotMC has gamemodes like L...
182/1000 playing now
Oneblock, Survival, Skyblock, ...
92/1000 playing now
A survival server which includ...
Mox MC
702/1000 playing now
MoxMC is a fun and innovative ...
HavenCraft SMP 1.20
12/200 playing now
Havencraft is a family-friendl...
OrchardCraft Survival
25/200 playing now
[SMP] [PvE] [RolePlay] [Vanill...
The Cavern [1.20]
16/250 playing now
The Cavern is a LGBT friendly ...
Cavern SMP
43/1000 playing now
Best Lifesteal/EarthMC/Surviva...
67/500 playing now
1.20 Survival, LifeSteal, OneB...

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The top 5 Earth Minecraft servers for December, 2023 are:

  1. Complex Gaming [1.20] (IP:
  2. WildWood (IP:
  3. CraftYourTown | 1.20 (IP:
  4. OPBlocks Network (IP:
  5. EarthMC (IP:

What are Minecraft earth servers?

An earth Minecraft server runs a large scale Minecraft Map that is modelled after real world Earth map. Players have to venture through the wilderness on the different continents to find resources, build houses, farm, and also make friends! In multiplayer earth servers, you can even claim your land and protect it from griefers and some servers allow you to establish large towns, fight other towns in seiges, and even join nations.

How to play on Minecraft Earth Servers?

Players like minecraft earth servers because of the geopolitics they bring and the simplicity in economy. The servers use player-run economies where player interaction is very encouraged and crucial. Players also like the idea of the map being modelled after our planet earth, becaues they can establish towns in their real life hometowns and countries! In order to play an earth server you must first install Minecraft on your PC/Mac. After that, load up Minecraft and click the add server button. Next pick the Minecraft earth server from our site that you would like to play, and click add server, and then type in the server IP address. After that have fun playing on your Minecraft Server. If for some reason you are not enjoying the survival server you found you can use our site and select another server. If you cannot find a server that fits what you are looking for on our site you can contact our support team to help you find Minecraft servers.

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