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15 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds You Must Try in 2024

The jungle biome is a treasure trove of unique resources in Minecraft. It's home to reliable cocoa beans, towering bamboo plants, and adorable pandas. But finding a jungle can be a challenge in the vast world of Minecraft. Luckily, your search ends right here with our best Minecraft jungle seeds. Not only will you be surrounded by an abundance of resources from the moment you spawn, but each seed offers its own unique twist. Some of them offer areas that are perfect to be based for the best Minecraft survival servers. So grab your trusty pickaxe and let's uncover some amazing world of jungles!

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds (2024)

You can find each Minecraft jungle seed along with key coordinates and compatible editions at the end of every description. Just make sure to enter each code carefully to create a desired world.

1. New Home of Minecraft Jungle Villagers

It's a popular fact that jungle villagers don't have a dedicated village in Minecraft. But somehow, this seed still offers a rare opportunity to meet them right after spawning. Thanks to a miracle of terrain generation, it places parts of a desert village inside the jungle biome.

So, you end up with a settlement with villagers from both biomes living in harmony. Moreover, this could also be the first time you discover a camel wandering in the jungles of Minecraft. Just make sure you have a saddle to guide it back home.

  • Seed Code: 4883273
  • Edition: Java

2. Hunted Right After Spawning

Putting your survival skills to the ultimate test, this Minecraft jungle seed spawns you right next to a Pillager outpost. Taking the hostile pillagers without any reliable weapon will be nothing but self-sabotage. So, your best course of action would be to run and use the jungle biome to hide.

But, before running away, make sure to free the Allays from their cage and take them with you. Later, you can return to this spot with a diamond sword and hunt down all of your enemies. There are a bunch of great resources in and around the outpost that might interest you.

  • Seed Code: 157306858
  • Edition: Java

3. Beautiful Sea Side Jungle

A major reason why most players like to build their base in the jungle biome is because of how beautiful it looks. But the true extent of this biome's beauty only shows within this seed. It generates a lush jungle at the edge of an ocean.

However, before you start planning your home's design, we suggest you install OptiFine in Minecraft. This simple yet powerful mod allows you to use shaders in Minecraft which upgrade your visuals and transform how light works within the game. They are especially useful to level up areas around water, like your spawn point in this seed.

  • Seed Code: 65503
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

4. The Land of Colors

Minecraft is known for its diverse biomes, each with its own theme and color scheme. However, these biomes are often spread out and difficult to find. This is where this Minecraft jungle seed comes in. It offers a unique and convenient opportunity to explore various forest biomes in one location.

As you venture through this seed, you can find almost all the overworld wood types within no time. But perhaps the most impressive sight is the Cherry Grove biome, which sits right at the edge of the jungle. So whether you're a builder or an explorer, this seed is perfect to fulfill all your dreams.

  • Seed Code: 83061
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Cherry Grove Coordiantess: -19, 129, -173

5. Four Jungle Temples Near Spawn

There is no doubt that jungle temples are one of the most challenging and rewarding structures of the overworld. They are loaded with a bunch of traps but also lead you to amazing loot early on in the game. But, thanks to the density of jungles, they can be extremely hard to spot.

Fortunately, this seed tackles that by spawning one beneath your feet and three more temples near your spawn point. This makes it a perfect world to collect all parts of the wild armor trim in Minecraft. All that's left for you to do is carefully explore all of them and collect your rewards.

  • Seed Code: 1888930
  • Edition: Java
  • Second Temple Coordinates: -200, 77,-360
  • Third Temple Coordinates 200, 82,-488
  • Fourth Temple Coordinates: 152, 75, -696

6. Bamboo Jungle Village

If you haven't noticed already, the new bamboo wood is taking the world of Minecraft by storm. This versatile material has a wide range of crafting applications, from rafts to building blocks. But, getting enough bamboo for your needs is a challenging task, as it only grows in the bamboo jungle biome.

Fortunately, this seed provides you with a massive bamboo jungle that has a village in it. The village is a desert village that extends beyond its home biome, providing you with the basic resources you need. Plus, the village is quite close to a jungle temple where you can find some next-level loot.

  • Seed Code: 440045689
  • Edition: Java
  • Temple Coordinates: -200, 89, 216

7. Largest Jungle Biome in Minecraft

If you truly love the Minecraft jungle then this seed is something that you cannot afford to miss. It generates one of the largest jungle areas to ever exist in the game that goes on for thousands of blocks. Here, you can find a variety of structures including temples, villages, mineshafts, and more.

The best part is that you can simply jump on top of the tall jungle trees to easily travel in this world. Though, getting an Elytra in Minecraft might make your journey a lot simpler and safer.

  • Seed Code: 23329338
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: 8, 68, 8 (Java only)

8. Minecraft's First Jungle Mansion

Woodland mansions are the largest and most resourceful structures that spawn on the surface of Minecraft. They are a reliable place to get everything you need to conquer the Nether and even the Ender Dragon. The only problem is that these mansions only spawn in the extremely rare dark forest biome.

But, with this Minecraft Jungle seed, it is just a few minutes of walking away from your spawn. What makes this Woodland Mansion even better is that it is merged with the surroundings, creating a surreal landscape. However, make sure to get a shield before entering the mansion unless you want to be hunted by its residents.

  • Seed Code: 15406
  • Edition: Java
  • Mansion Coordinates: 480, 101, 320

9. Bamboo Survival Island

No collection of good Minecraft seeds can be complete without a survival island and our list is no exception. This amazing seed throws you right in the middle of the ocean with nothing but an island of bamboo to support you.

While this small piece of land is enough to keep you fed, it's nowhere ready to let you progress. Now, it's all up to you to find a way to a larger land mass and take your story from there. But, make sure to get turtle scutes in Minecraft to easily breathe underwater while escaping the island.

  • Seed Code: 57081808
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

10. A World of Temples

As its name reveals, this Minecraft jungle seed turns you into a Tomb Raider, thanks to the various temples in its world. You spawn right on top of a jungle temple and there's another one less than two hundred blocks from you.

Moreover, once you are done with the jungle variants, the seed also has three desert temples nearby. All you have to do is grab a Potion of Healing and unleash the explorer in you.

  • Seed Code: 55511358
  • Edition: Java
  • Second Jungle Temple: -184, 88, 24
  • First Desert Temple: 136, 77, 136
  • Second Desert Temple: 808, 88, 216
  • Third Desert Temple: 520, 74, 1064

11. Trapped in Swamps

If the lush Minecraft jungles are the most inviting aspect of your world, then the swamps are their mysterious counterpart. They offer a sense of exploration but can also feel overwhelming at times.

This seed spawns a jungle area surrounded by a large swamp biome, creating a perfect balance between the two. Just be careful not to get lost in the dense and tangled trees surrounding you. Not to forget, you should also keep an eye out for the multiple witch huts in the area.

  • Seed Code: 104272523
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Nearest Witch Hut Coordinates: 152, 84, 136 (Java only)

12. Misplaced Portal

Ruined portals are a very reliable structure in Minecraft that spawn throughout your world. They help you create a Nether portal within no time. But this reliable structure is also the one with the most unpredictable spawn mechanic.

This seed is an example of just how unpredictable it can be - it spawns a ruined portal that merges with a jungle temple, creating a truly unique sight. Even though this bizarre generation doesn't affect the loot in either structure, it does make the temple traps harder to deal with.

  • Seed Code: 68083079
  • Edition: Java

13. Survival Island with an Ocean Ruin

This Minecraft jungle seed is a unique one. It spawns you on a large survival island with only jungle resources to keep you alive. But when you get to the edge of the island you'll find some ocean ruins for additional support.

Though, these ruins are often infested with drowned zombies that carry extremely powerful weapons. So, you should want to carry an item like TNT to overpower and potentially eliminate them.

  • Seed Code: 360226654
  • Edition: Java
  • Ocean Ruin Coordinates: 0, 65, 0

14. Spawn in Zombie Village near Minecraft Jungle

As mentioned earlier, there is no official village for the jungle villagers. But looks like Minecraft doesn't want to let them live with this fact. In this seed, you get a zombie village inside the jungle right at your spawn point.

This eerie location is filled with hostile mobs that are ready to take you down at any moment. But if you're up for the challenge, this zombie village is a unique opportunity to test your combat skills and strategic planning. Though, if you want a passive route, you can also cure zombie villagers in Minecraft and repopulate the village.

  • Seed Code: 998770145
  • Edition: Java

15. Boating Season in Minecraft Jungle

Last, but definitely not least, we have a Minecraft jungle seed that only focuses on exploration. It gives you a massive jungle biome that has an amazing network of rivers passing through it. Moreover, as you venture further you will discover more biomes and later, even the ocean in the same route.

With so much to explore and discover, this seed is the perfect choice for players who want to experience the full range of Minecraft's biomes. Just make a boat in Minecraft and set sail on your next adventure. So, make a boat in Minecraft and set sail on your next adventure!

  • Seed Code: 11992
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

What are the Benefits of Jungle Biome

Now that you have access to the best Minecraft jungle seeds, you can visit this lush biome whenever you want. But, before you start your adventure, it's important to know what the jungles can offer. So, here's everything that spawns exclusively in Minecraft jungles:

  • Jungle Temple
  • Bamboo (can be turned into bamboo wood)
  • Cocoa
  • Jungle Bush
  • Jungle Tree
  • Melon (exclusive spawn outside structure)
  • Ocelots
  • Pandas
  • Parrots
  • Jungle Villagers

How to Spawn Jungle Villagers

While you can find all the other exclusive mobs by just walking into the jungles, this doesn't apply to the villagers. Since there is no jungle village in the game, its villagers can't spawn naturally.

You can counter this by using some of the best Minecraft seeds that we covered above. But, if that doesn't go as planned, you can also make them spawn manually. To do so, simply breed villagers within a jungle biome and let jungle villagers spawn.

Why are Jungles So Rare in Minecraft

Mincraft's jungle biome only generates if it's next to a taiga or a forest biome. But, both of these biome are not that common either. As a result, the jungle biome stands as one of the rarest biomes in the game.

Explore the World of Minecraft Jungle Today

Now that you have access to some of the most amazing jungles in Minecraft, it's time to explore and loot all of them. But, before you venture into a jungle, it's wise to bring a bunch of hanging signs to make your way out of it. Moreover, you must also create a flower pot in Minecraft to collect every new plant that you discover on your journey. So, with the right tools and a spirit of curiosity, it's finally time for you to start your journey! Happy exploring!

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