Diamond Sword

How to Get a Diamond Sword in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is vast and welcoming. It is filled with creative resources, amazing animals, and iconic sceneries. But at the same time, it also has a huge collection of dangerous mobs, who, given the chance, can fatally harm you. So, you must be ready to take them on if a tricky situation arises. And one of the best ways to do it is by keeping a weapon like the diamond sword handy. It is a truly game-changing weapon that can be the determining factor in your survival. So, let's stop beating around the bush and learn how to get a diamond sword in Minecraft right away!

Diamond Sword in Minecraft

Our guide goes over multiple ways to obtain a diamond sword in Minecraft including trading, crafting, and more. You can use the method that fits your requirements.

What is a Diamond Sword in Minecraft?

The diamond sword of Minecraft is the second strongest sword in the game and one of the most reliable melee weapons. It deals damage worth 8 points in the Bedrock edition and 7 points in the Java edition. It means that the diamond sword is enough to kill most hostile mobs within a couple of moves. So, whether you want to defeat the Ender dragon or take over the leaderboard on PvP servers, a diamond sword will definitely come in handy.

Not to forget, even if you want to obtain the strongest sword in the game, you still have to get a diamond sword in Minecraft before upgrading it to Netherite. But that's a discussion for someday. For now, let's focus on obtaining this vigorous blade.

How to Get a Diamond Sword

Unlike many other rare items in Minecraft, diamond swords are not that hard to obtain. At least, if you know where to look.

Villager Trading

Villages are quite easy to find throughout the overworld of Minecraft and they are home to trading villagers who can sell you almost everything you need. That includes diamond swords as well. So, if you stumble upon a weaponsmith villager you can trade with it to increase its level to master.

Once it becomes a master-level weaponsmith, you can get diamond swords for only 13 to 27 emeralds. In the Java edition, this deal is even available for as low as 11 emeralds. But in either case, you will have to buy a bunch of useless items first in order to level up the villager before the diamond sword shows up.

Chest Loot

If trading seems like a tiresome option or if emeralds are giving you a hard time, then looting structures might be a good alternative. You can find diamond swords in the chest of the following structures:

  • End City - Enchanted Diamond Sword
  • Bastion remnant - Diamond Sword & Damaged Enchanted Diamond Sword

Out of the two, Bastion Remnants have a much higher chance of spawning diamond swords in their treasure chests. But you will first have to create a Nether portal in Minecraft to reach them.

Command to Get Diamond Sword

While cheating your way to the reward might not appeal to everyone, it can definitely be a lifesaver in dire situations. So, just use the following command in your chatbox to get a diamond sword right away::

/give @p diamond_sword 1

You can replace the numerical “1” in the command with the number of diamond swords you want to get. Then, the game will drop all of them inside your player inventory. Just make sure to enable cheats in your Minecraft world before executing this command.

Items Required to Make a Diamond Sword

You need to collect the following items to make a diamond sword in Minecraft:

  • 2 Diamonds
  • 1 Stick

Sticks are one of the easiest items you can obtain in Minecraft. You just need to place two wooden planks vertically next to each other in the crafting area to create sticks. This recipe works with all types of wood in the game including the new bamboo wood from Minecraft 1.20.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

The hardest part of creating a diamond sword is collecting the diamonds for its recipe. But with a little bit of planning and some luck, you can get all the diamonds you need in no time.

1. Before we begin hunting diamonds, you have to craft an iron pickaxe. Mining the diamond ore with a stone or wood pickaxe ends up destroying the block altogether. So, first, use 2 sticks and 3 iron ingots to create an iron pickaxe on a crafting table.

2. Then, venture into the underground caves of the Overworld to look for diamond ore. It spawns below the world height of Y=16 and is most common near Y=-64.

3. Once you find diamond ore, use the iron pickaxe to mine it. Each ore block drops one diamond. So, you need to find at least two diamond ores before returning to your base.

Crafting Recipe of Diamond Sword

Now that you have all the required ingredients, follow these simple steps to create a diamond sword in Minecraft:

1. First, place the stick in the middle cell of the bottommost row of the crafting table.

2. Then, place one diamond in the middle cells of the first and second rows of the crafting table. As soon as you place the last diamond your diamond sword will be ready to use.

Best Enchantments for Swords

While the diamond sword is quite reliable as it is, you can push it to another level using these Minecraft enchantments:

  • Fire Aspect: It sets every target you hit on fire.
  • Knockback: This enchantment gives a strong push to every enemy you attack.
  • Looting: It significantly increases the amount and quantity of loot a mob drops when killed with your diamond sword.
  • Sweeping Edge: Exclusive to Java edition, this enchantment allows you to deal damage to multiple enemies in a single strike.
  • Unbreaking: It increases the durability of your sword by decreasing the chances of durability reduction with each move.

Diamond Swords in Minecraft: FAQ

Diamond sword or axe: which is better?

Both axes and swords do significant damage to your enemies and are very reliable weapons. But axes are a better choice if you want to have multi-purpose equipment in Minecraft.

Is a diamond sword better than Netherite?

A Netherite sword is not only stronger but also more durable than a diamond sword. However, in most scenarios, having a diamond sword in Minecraft is capable enough to fulfill your goals.

How strong is a diamond sword in Minecraft?

A diamond sword has a durability of 1562 and it can deal a lifetime damage of up to 12496 points.

Get Your Diamond Sword in Minecraft Today

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