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Bamboo Wood

Bamboo Wood in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft 1.20 is bringing two new types of wood to the game; both are nothing like ever before. On the one hand, we have cherry wood that grows in the cherry grove biome and on the other, we have bamboo wood. Leaving the pink wood for later, let's explore the unique and arguably, game-changing bamboo wood today. It is the only wood in the game that doesn't spawn naturally and even has a bunch of exclusive blocks in its family. We have new recipes, new mechanics, and a lot of new possibilities to cover. So, without wasting another second, here's everything you need to know about Bamboo Wood in Minecraft.

Bamboo Wood in Minecraft (2023)

Our guide is based on the mechanics from Minecraft Snapshot 23W12A. All the mechanics, textures, and elements of bamboo wood are subject to change in the final release.

What is Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

Bamboo wood is the eleventh type of wood making it into the world of Minecraft with the upcoming Trails & Tales update. All the blocks in this wood family look like they are made out of tied-up pieces of dried bamboo. Many cultures across the world use bamboo in a similar manner. So, the new wood type doesn't only bring more diversity to the existing wood sets of Minecraft but also makes the game more inclusive.

Where Does Bamboo Wood Spawn

As some of you might have guessed, there is no bamboo tree in Minecraft or even the real world. Instead, you can find bamboo growing as a plant beside water sources in the jungle and bamboo jungle biomes. These biomes often spawn next to each other and even have pandas in them. 

If you didn’t know already, pandas are fond of bamboo and you can feed it to them to make them breed. But that’s for another day. For now, let’s figure out how to turn these bamboo plants into bamboo wood.

Can Bamboo Wood Spawn Naturally

You can only find bamboo planks and bamboo hanging signs naturally in your world. They spawn inside the chests of Trial Chambers. We already have a guide in place to help you find Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21 and collect the loot. 

How to Make Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

If you’re a regular Minecraft player you must be habitual of getting wood from wood and fungus (hyphae) logs. But that’s only possible if you have a tree to rely upon. So, getting your hands on bamboo wood requires some additional effort.

You first have to get nine pieces of bamboo by breaking a bamboo plant then combine these pieces in the crafting table. This will result in a block of bamboo that acts like a log similar to other wood types. It looks like a bunch of green bamboo sticks tied up together in a bundle.

How to Make Bamboo Wood Plank in Minecraft

To unlock advanced recipes for any wood in Minecraft you first need its wooden planks and bamboo is no exception. So, before moving any further, you need to place your block of bamboo inside a crafting table to get planks.

One block of bamboo so will get you two bamboo planks. Unfortunately, this is half of what you would get from any other wood log. Expanding on the same, you will have to collect 288 pieces of bamboo to get a single stack (64 pieces) of bamboo planks. This means that bamboo wood is the most expensive wood type in Minecraft.

However, the seamless pattern of the bamboo block family might make it worth your efforts. Moreover, unlike the block of bamboo, the bamboo planks have a dry yellow texture which is also present in the other bamboo items. Thanks to the uniquely colored texture, the bamboo wood family is perfect for builds that stand out in every Minecraft biome.

Uses of Bamboo Wood Family

Now that you have the core block of this new type of Minecraft wood it’s time to unlock its entire family. Fortunately, that’s pretty much the same as other wood. You can use all the existing Minecraft wood recipes to create the following bamboo blocks and items:

  • Button: place one bamboo plank anywhere in the crafting area
  • Door: fill two adjacent columns of the crafting area with planks
  • Fence: place four bamboo planks around two sticks
  • Fence Gate: place four sticks around two bamboo planks
  • Hanging Sign: fill the bottom two rows of the crafting area with stripped bamboo and place one chain in each of the top corners
  • Pressure Plate: put two bamboo planks in any two columns which are next to each other
  • Raft: combine 5 planks in a half square (same recipe as a boat)
  • Raft with a Chest: place a raft with a chest on the crafting table
  • Sign: place a stick in the middle cell of the bottom-most row and fill the other rows with bamboo planks
  • Slab: place three planks next to each other in any row
  • Stairs: create a staircase pattern with 6 bamboo planks (two in each row)
  • Stripped Bamboo: use an axe on a block of bamboo
  • Trapdoor: fill bamboo planks in any two rows that are next to each other

While these blocks might be enough to take care of all building needs, this isn't the end of the bamboo family. So, keep reading to find out about the special blocks that are only available in the bamboo wood set.

What is Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft

The bamboo mosaic is an exclusive building block from the family of bamboo wood. It is made up of seamlessly wrapped bamboo pieces instead of simple straight lines like other wood blocks. Let's figure out how to make each of these exclusive blocks.

How to Make Bamboo Mosaic Block

Follow these simple steps to create a mosaic block in Minecraft:

1. First, place three bamboo planks horizontally next to each other in any row of the crafting table. This will give us bamboo slabs.

2. Then, place two bamboo slabs vertically next to each other in any column. With that, your bamboo mosaic blocks will be ready. These new blocks act like planks and you can use them to create a couple of other items.

Bamboo Mosaic Slabs

If you fill up a row of the crafting area with three bamboo mosaic blocks, you will end up with bamboo mosaic slabs. They are half the height of regular blocks and can be used to create a variety of structures. Thanks to the unique wrapped pattern of a bamboo mosaic, these slabs are perfect for creating floors and roofs.

Bamboo Mosaic Stair

Last but not least, you can also create stairs with the help of bamboo mosaics. All you have to do is arrange the bamboo mosaic block in a staircase pattern in the crafting area and your mosaic stairs are ready.

FAQ: Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

Is bamboo rare in Minecraft?

Unless you spawn near a jungle or a bamboo jungle biome, you will have a hard time finding bamboo. Though, you can also look for its pieces in jungle temples and shipwrecks.

What is the use of bamboo in Minecraft?

You can use bamboo to create sticks, scaffolding, and bamboo wood in Minecraft. Furthermore, you can also feed the bamboo to pandas and even place it in pots for decoration.

Can you get bamboo by killing mobs?

You can get one piece of bamboo by killing a panda in the Java edition. Meanwhile, you have a chance of getting 0-2 pieces in the Bedrock edition.

All You Need to Know About Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

Whether you want to create a new base on the Minecraft survival servers or revamp a village, bamboo wood is there to support you. However, even with the new wood, we are not getting a new supportive tree in the game. But you can make up for it with the help of a Sniffer, a new mob that can get you seeds for rare plants. Though, even it is nothing in front of the various Minecraft modpacks that can bring dozens of wildlife options to a game at once. Having said that, how you are planning to use bamboo wood in your Minecraft world? Share your ideas on our Discord server.

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