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12 Best Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds

Putting a bunch of Minecraft mods out of business and finally accepting players' demand, Minecraft 1.20 has finally introduced the Cherry grove biome to the game. It is based on the famous phenomenon of cherry blossom that is celebrated all across the world. You get cherry trees, cherry blossom leaves, and even pink petals as a complete set in the pink biome. But, much like any other new biome in the game, it's still quite hard to find. So, to save you some time we are here with the best Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds that you shouldn't miss!

Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds (2023)

You can find the seed code along with key coordinates and compatible edition at the end of every seed's description. Please make sure to enter each digit of the seed carefully while creating a new Minecraft world to get the desired results.

1. Hunted at Spawn

Our list has a bunch of peaceful and heartwarming Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds but before you reach all of them, let's start with the odd apple. It spawns you inside the pink biome but doesn't give you a chance to appreciate its beauty.

Instead, you get attacked by a group of Pillagers as soon as you spawn. The worst part is that you appear right on top of their outpost. So, you not only have to avoid the arrows but also need to get down safely. This is a perfect seed for anyone who is looking for an adventure in the new biome.

  • Seed: 29151576
  • Edition: Java

2. Flowering Village in Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds

It is common knowledge at this point that much like most other biomes of Minecraft, even Cherry Grove doesn't have its dedicated village. But this shouldn't stop you from creating one on your with the help of this seed. It generates an entire plains village inside the Cherry Grove biome.

You can get all of your basic tools and even food from the villagers and their chests. Then, all that's left for you to do is collect some cherry wood from the massive forest and replace the villagers’ houses with it. The result will look so good that you might end up demanding a separate village in the next update.

  • Seed: 19642930
  • Edition: Java

3. The Pink Circle

Even though Cherry Grove is considered to be a mountainous biome in Minecraft, it's quite hard to find it around proper mountains. This seed tries to fix that by spawning an entire circular boundary of cherry trees around a large mountain range. Then, to take the world to another level, the same circular mountain range hides a second Cherry Grove biome inside it.

It is a perfect location for setting up a long-term home. But, unfortunately, there are no villages anywhere close to this spot. So, you will have to rely upon the cave openings that lead to the deep dark biome for your ores and resources.

  • Seed: 432587
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

4. River Side Heaven

There is no doubt that Cherry Grove is the biggest contender for becoming the most beautiful biome in Minecraft 1.20. But, it looks even better around water. The biome makes the color of water slightly lighter to fit it with the rest of the biome.

So, you end up in a tranquil area just like this Minecraft seed which spawns the new biome next to a long river. If you are on the Java edition, you can also discover a Pillager Outpost and plains village on the other side of the river.

  • Seed: 338861
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: 34, 91, 150 (Java)
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: 48, 83, 319 (Java)

5. Snowy Petals in Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds

This Minecraft Cherry Grove seed has a bunch of great features in it. For starters, it spawns you next to a group of large Cherry Trees which are surrounded by snow on all sides. There is also a small waterfall making its way to the trees and turning the entire spot quite pleasing.

Then, as if all of this isn't enough, there is also an exposed dripstone cave right next to these trees. There are a bunch of exposed ores in the same including diamonds and emeralds. Moreover, once you plan to venture away from Cherry Grove, there are two plains villages to support you further.

  • Seed: 81498
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Dripstone Cave Coordinates: 22, 131, -44
  • First Village Coordinates: 24, 86, -317 (Java)
  • Second Village Coordinates: -137, 94, -269 (Java)

6. A White House in the Pink Biome

Because of their rare spawn rate, igloos are considered to be one of the hardest structures to find in Minecraft. Moreover, their blocks blend so well with the biome that you can miss it even if it's in front of you. But not if you spawn in this Minecraft Cherry Grove seed.

It drops you right on top of an igloo right inside a forest of cherry wood. This igloo is a complete structure with an underground basement beneath it. So, you get a resourceful house right where you spawn. Then, you can walk out of it to witness beautiful scenery.

  • Seed: 19934097
  • Edition: Java

7. Crater With Ruined Portal

Out of all the amazing Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds on our list, this is one of the most beautiful options you can get. The cherry blossom trees here spawn inside a crater that is surrounded by snow and ice. It's like a nest for the pink biome with a white border.

Furthermore, there is also a ruined portal in the same crater that you can turn into a Nether Portal. The Netherrack and the obsidian blocks fit quite well with the overall theme of Cherry Grove and make the crater even more appealing.

  • Seed: 4424490
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 8, 119, 5(Java)

8. 500 Blocks of Cherry Grove in Minecraft

If you are a true fan of the Cherry Grove biome then you are going to love this seed. It generates a massive 500-block-long area made of entirely cherry trees. If you want to try creating structures with the new Minecraft 1.20 wood then this is the only seed you need. Just try not to get lost in the thick pink forest before finding a good spot for your base.

  • Seed: 275492403
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

9. The Pink Hill

As the name reveals, this Minecraft seed spawns you on a massive hill made up entirely of the Cherry Grove biome. The spot is perfect for building a tower-style base because you can see clearly in every direction. Furthermore, there is also a Pillager Outpost right next to the spawn point.

You can either fight the Pillagers to get some good loot early on in the game. Or, you can tame the Allays that spawn in a broken cage and flee the outpost right away. The hill expands over a large area so, before you know it, the Pillagers will be out of your view.

  • Seed: 275529716
  • Edition: Java
  • Outpost Coordinates: 76, 119, 26 (Java)

10. Biome Mixup in Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds

One of the most interesting aspects of the biomes in Minecraft is the way they interact with and contradict each other. A prime example of the same appears in this Minecraft seed. It spawns a cheerful Cherry Grove mountain on the side of a savanna wasteland. You can notice a clear division between the two thanks to the color of the grass.

This is the perfect spot for creating a Minecraft house with a beautiful garden up front and a dry barn in the back. Not to forget, since both biomes have different temperature requirements, you might not discover a spawn similar to this anytime soon.

  • Seed: 284022503
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

11. A Drop of Pink in Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds

While all the other Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds on our list give you overwhelming and often, significant instances of the new biome, this seed is slightly different. It spawns you next to probably the smallest Cherry Grove that can ever exist. Made up of only 3 cherry trees, this biome sits next to a massive forest and a mountain.

Nevertheless, by giving you a drop of pink in the massive green area, this seed signifies how unmissable this beautiful biome is. Moreover, there are dozens of cave openings and even a plains village close to your spawn to help you get started. So, you end up with a taste of Cherry Grove with a mission and resources to expand it.

  • Seed: 60579
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock
  • Village Coordinates: -159, 75, -181 (Java)

12. Spawn on Top of Ancient City

On the scale of joy, Minecraft's Cherry Grove and the Ancient Cities sit on opposite ends. The former is made up of welcoming features and bright areas. Meanwhile the latter acts like a fatal mistake for the underprepared. Even with such a contrary image, this seed gives you both of these features in the same spot.

You spawn in beautiful scenery made up of snow, cherry trees, and pink petals. There is peace in every direction. But, if you make the mistake of digging beneath your feet you will end up in the house of the Warden. Such a world generation with Ancient City and Cherry Grove appearing at your world spawn is quite rare. Though, it is also perfect to give you a break from the otherwise serene atmosphere.

  • Seed: 12922644
  • Edition: Java
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 0, -21, 0

Explore the Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft Today

Now that you have access to the best Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds it's time to make the most out of them. One of the best ways to do so is by enabling Minecraft shaders into your world. They will enhance the way Cherry Grove looks but might even end up completely changing how you play Minecraft. Though, to run these shaders you will first have to get Optifine for Minecraft. It is a powerful visual mod that improves performance, graphics, and the overall gameplay of Minecraft. With that said, it's time for you to dive into the pink biome and create a house out of cherry wood. So, good luck and happy crafting!

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