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Minecraft 1.21

How to Get a Trial Key in Minecraft

Defeating hostile mobs, most of the time only leads to your survival. But, what if you got great rewards for the same too? That’s exactly what the Trial Key in Minecraft brings to the table. This rare item unlocks vaults that give out exclusive awards. Here’s how you can get them too! 

How to Get a Trial Key in Minecraft (2024)

Note: Trial keys and vaults are experimental features of Minecraft 1.21. They are subject to change with newer versions of the game before the final release of the next update. 

What is a Trial Key in Minecraft

The Trial Key is a rare treasure item in Minecraft that cannot be crafted. It is made of copper and has a skull-like handle made of Tuff. You can use the Trial key to open vaults in Minecraft and collect a bunch of amazing loot.

The items you can get using a Trial Key include:

Can You Trade for Trial Keys

Sadly, there is no way to craft or trade for Trial Keys in Minecraft. They are not even a part of the loot table for any mobs. Because of this, you cannot farm these rare keys which makes them even more desirable. Luckily, if you know where to find trial keys, getting them shouldn't be an issue.

How to Get Trial Keys in Minecraft

There are three main sources of Trial Keys in Minecraft:

  • Trial Spawner: A unique functional block that spawns waves of enemies including skeletons, Bogged, and Breeze. If you defeat all the enemies the spawner drops various loot including a Trial Key.
  • Decorated Pot: You can find decorated pots in the hallways and various rooms of the Trail Chambers. When you break these pots they drop a variety of items including keys, diamonds, and much more. But, the ones with Trial Keys only generate in the chamber's corridors.
  • Chest Loot: If you want to go old school, you can even find Trial Keys lying around inside the chests of chambers. Your best chances are with the chests that generate near the entrances. Moreover, on the Bedrock edition, these chests are the only spots where Trial Keys appear.

Find Trial Chambers

As you know at this point, the Trial Chambers are your only chance at finding Trial Keys in Minecraft. So, let's quickly go over how to easily find a Trial Chamber in your world:

1. First, use a pickaxe to dig down to the world height of Y=0. Then, explore the caves and look for Tuff blocks that make up the chamber's exterior.

2. Most of the time these chambers don't interfere with cave biomes. So, it's often better to search away from Lush and dripstone caves.

3. Lastly, if your search doesn't go as planned, it's time for additional support. So, turn on the cheats and use this command:

/locate structure trial_chamber

The game will display the coordinates of the nearest chamber in your chat. Then you can either walk to it or teleport in Minecraft and reach the Trial Key.

How to Use Trial Keys in Minecraft

Once you get your hands on the keys the obvious next step is to use them. Luckily, you don't have to travel far this time. The vaults that the keys work with spawn in the Trial Chambers too. You can find them in various rooms across the structure. Just walk up to the vault and use the key on it to collect the loot.

As soon as you use the key the vault will drop items and become inactive. You cannot use the same vault again in your world. But, if you're playing on Minecraft SMP servers, other players can still access that walk. All keys and vault are a one-time use for each player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seed for the Minecraft trial?

You can use the best Minecraft Trial Chamber seeds to easily find the Trial Keys.

What does a Trial key do in Minecraft?

The Trial keys open the vault blocks and drop various amazing loot items. You can get tools, items, gems, and much more.

Find and Use Trial Keys in Minecraft

While Trial keys in Minecraft are a great option to get loot, you can’t get them without putting up a fight. But, the best Minecraft village seeds might help you get a lot of resources with no effort. Later, you can even use the best Minecraft village build ideas to pay back the villagers. Having said that, it’s time to start your collection of Trial keys. Good luck!   

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