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8 Scary Minecraft 1.20 Seeds Only the Bravest Should Try

Do you want to challenge your combat and survival skills in Minecraft? Then this is the perfect place to be. Look no further, because we have an entire collection of scary Minecraft seeds. Brace yourself for dangerous challenges, unique spawns, and hidden dangers that will leave even the bravest players trembling. Only the most skilled players and people on top of the leaderboard on Minecraft SMP servers will survive. Are you one of them? Let's find out!

Scary Minecraft Seeds (2023)

You can find all the seed codes and the coordinates to key locations right next to each scary seed's description. These seeds have been tested on the official Minecraft 1.20.1 and are up to date with the official game.

1. Way Down We Go

The world of our first scary Minecraft seed is adamant on pulling you down and it's clear from the moment you spawn. You spawn on the edge of a deep ravine that has a massive lava pool at its bottom. This spot might seem safe for a moment, but there is water falling your way, ready to drag you into the pit.

If you somehow survive the water's flow, getting out of the pit is still an issue. Unless you are a pro on the best Minecraft parkour servers, it can take you hours to escape. Then, to make matters worse, the ravine is connected to dark caves teeming with hostile mobs.

  • Seed: 1870652620
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

2. Villagers on Hunt in Scary Minecraft Seeds

Usually, whenever a player finds a village in Minecraft, it's a cause for celebration. You can trade emeralds for items, use huts for shelter and loot chests for rewards. But what if the residents of the same village turn into zombies? That's what unfolds in this scary Minecraft seed.

You spawn in a zombie village teaming with zombie villagers and skeletons. But that's not the end of the frights. The village also has a dark forest biome on its edge. Thanks to its dark areas within it, a bunch of hostile mobs constantly spawn in this biome, even during day time. While you can cure the zombie villagers from the spawn, there is no way to explore the forest without putting yourself at risk.

  • Seed: 2334164767
  • Edition: Java

3. Worst Spawnpoint 

As the name suggests, the world of this seed offers no advantages for Minecraft players. Instead, they are stuck in the desert biome with no resources, trees, or food sources nearby. Furthermore, to make things worse there is no temple or village within 1000 blocks of your spawn point.

This means you have to explore hundreds of blocks before even beginning your adventure. Not to forget, if you take damage during the process, without any food, it would be impossible to discover. Though, if you find a desert village, you can get a camel in Minecraft and revisit this deadly spot.

  • Seed: 1256
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

4. Bring Your Coats in Scary Minecraft Seeds

On this scary Minecraft seed, danger is present at every step. You spawn in a massive snowy plains biome which is made up of a bunch of snow pits. The same might look like solid blocks but if you step on it, the snow sinks you in and slowly suffocates you.

What makes this even worse is that there is a very low chance to escape once you are trapped. Plus, there are no reliable structures in the area to give you a starting boost. All you can rely upon is the frozen ocean which, while barren, is safe to walk upon.

  • Seed: 836
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

5. Time to Fight 

As soon as you spawn into the world of this scary Minecraft seed, you will find yourself right next to an outpost. There are Pillagers all around you, ready to jump the gun and take you down. Moreover, instead of relying upon melee attacks, these mobs prefer powerful crossbows to prey on their enemies.

So, make sure to keep moving and free the Iron Golems from their cages to get some help. If you feel extra brave you can also get the goat horns from the chests in the outpost. Though, we would suggest you make a run for your life and return to this spot later on.

  • Seed: 4798628
  • Edition: Java

6. Do Not Make Any Noise in Scary Minecraft Seeds

Since the arrival of the Warden, players are now extra careful while exploring the deep caves of Minecraft. But, this seed amplifies the challenge by spawning not one, but four Ancient Cities in close proximity to each other.

On one hand, you can go through each of them and get all the amazing loot that each of them holds. However, it only takes one wrong step for the strongest hostile mob to detect you and spawn. Then, even the Netherite armor might not be enough to protect you.

  • Seed: 255574
  • Edition: Java
  • 1st Ancient City: -152, -51, -152 
  • 2nd Ancient City: 56 -52 -216
  • 3rd Ancient City: 136, -51, 504
  • 4th Ancient City: -648, -53, 136

7. Forced Swimming Lessons

This scary Minecraft seed throws you at the floor of the ocean with no means to survive. If you stay there, the oxygen will run out and kill you. But, going to the surface won't be of much help either.

There are no reliable pieces of land or structures to support you. All you can find are ocean ruins which are filled with drowned zombies. Though, if you can somehow avoid these hostile mobs then the same ruins can give you a Sniffer spawn egg too.

  • Seed: 32733
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock

8. Mansion and Forest Full of Monsters in Scary Minecraft Seeds

Woodland Mansions are one of the largest and most dangerous structures of the overworld in Minecraft. They are home to a diverse group of Pillagers, which, without the right gear, can easily kill you. Plus, as you might expect, this dangerous Minecraft seed spawns you on top of one such structure.

Your options are limited. If you don't jump from the roof and risk receiving fall damage, the only way down is through the mansion. Even with a diamond sword, the challenge is formidable, and without a weapon, it becomes a living nightmare.

  • Seed: 2254263205
  • Edition: Java

Explore Scary Minecraft Seeds

Just like that, you are ready to overcome your fears and explore the scariest parts of Minecraft. But, if, at any moment, you need a break then our best Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds are a great alternative. The worlds in these seeds are welcoming, the same, and truly mesmerizing. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some new kind of adventure then the best Minecraft Trail Ruins seeds might be a better pick. They take you on an archaeological adventure across the world. With that said, which seed on our list felt the scariest to you? Share your pick on our Discord server and join an ever-growing community of other Minecraft explorers. 

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