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Camels in Minecraft 1.20: Everything You Need to Know

From stunning new armor trims to the lush Cherry Grove, Minecraft 1.20 is introducing a wealth of exciting features. Among these game-changing updates are the camels, rideable mobs that can accommodate two players at once. With their unparalleled combat abilities, camels are sure to revolutionize your experience on the best Minecraft survival servers. So saddle up and explore the world of camels in Minecraft 1.20 today!

Camels in Minecraft 1.20

Our guide goes over everything you need to know about camels in Minecraft 1.20 including their spawning, breeding and even riding mechanics. You can explore all the sections to conveniently learn everything you need to know about the new mob.

Where to Find Camels in Minecraft

Contrary to popular belief, camels do not spawn across the entire desert biome. Instead, one camel spawns in the center of each desert village when the world first generates. This mechanics makes camels one of the rarest passive mobs in Minecraft 1.20.

Moreover, if you kill this passive mob, it doesn't even respawn in the same village. So, if you are lucky enough to find a village with a camel, make sure to protect this mob with the help of a diamond sword or better.

Abilities of Camel

Camels in Minecraft 1.20 have the following special abilities:

  • Self Healing: Just like an Allay, the camels can heal themselves over time.
  • Sprinting: You can hold the sprint key to make the camel temporarily run faster. They aren't as fast as a horse but their speed is reliable enough to escape enemies.
  • Speeding: Even if you are not using the sprint ability, camels automatically gain speed over time while running in flat terrain. Though, inversely, they also lose speed in complex terrain.
  • Dash: You can use this ability to move up to 12 blocks forward and 1 block higher within no time. This is perfect to jump over long ravines and climb hills.
  • Avoiding Mobs: While riding a camel, the players become immune to attacks from a bunch of hostile mobs due to the height advantage. You are out of the reach of Zombies, vindicators, Goglins, silverfish, Endermites, and Piglins.

How to Ride a Camel in Minecraft

Now that you know all about the amazing benefits of a camel, let's figure out how to make the most out of this mob. Follow these steps to learn how to ride a camel in Minecraft 1.20:

1. First, you need to get a saddle in Minecraft but it doesn't have a crafting recipe. The easiest way to find it is by looting the chests of the Nether fortress that spawn in the Nether dimension.

2. Next, find a desert village and get close to the camel in it.

3. Then, hold the saddle and use it on the camel to place it on the mob.

4. Alternatively, you can also first get on top of the mob and press your inventory button to open the camel's inventory. Then, you can place the saddle in its dedicated slot.

5. After the saddle is equipped, you just need to right-click or press your secondary action key to ride the camel.

Can Two Players Ride One Camel

Camel is the only rideable mob in Minecraft that allows two players to ride it at once. And the best part is that you don't even need two saddles to get the job done. The second player can simply hop on and will automatically be placed in the second seat.

But the control over the camel's movement will remain in the hands of the player who got on top of it first. This feature opens up new combat strategies that can be especially useful in the best Minecraft SMP servers.

What Do Camels Eat in Minecraft

The camels in Minecraft 1.20 only eat cacti, which might sound bizarre at first but is true to the real world. This plant conveniently grows in the desert biome which is the home of this new mob. Furthermore, the camels are immune from all the damage cactus causes to the other entities in the game. Ironically, the cactus allows them to instantly restore their health by two points.

How to Breed Camels

Finding more than one camel is truly challenging. Fortunately, breeding them is much easier. Here's how:

1. First, find and break a cactus plant to collect cacti. We suggest you use any tool like a pickaxe to break it because touching it directly will cause damage.

2. Then, find two camels and get them near each other. You can rely on the cactus or a lead to make the camels follow you around.

3. Finally, feed the cacti to each camel and wait for them to breed. Within seconds, a baby camel will spawn. The parents have a 5 minutes cooldown period after which you can breed them again.

FAQ: Camels in Minecraft 1.20

What do camels drop?

If a player or a tamed wolf kills a camel, then up dropping 1-3 experience orbs and a saddle, if it was wearing them. But, breeding a camel gives you up to 7 XP orbs so it's practical to kill a camel.

How do you tame a camel in Minecraft?

Unlike horses or mules, you don't have to tame a camel to ride it. This mob is extremely friendly and you just need to place a saddle on it to make it rideable.

Can camels carry chests in Minecraft?

Camels, unfortunately, cannot carry a chest. But, they allow two players to ride them at once which more than makes up for this limitation.

How fast are camels in Minecraft?

Camels are generally slower than horses but once they gain momentum on a flat surface, they can compete with horses. Moreover, camels also have a special dash ability which allows them to long jump 12 blocks forward in an instant.

Find and Ride New Camels in Minecraft 1.20

There is no doubt that the camels are going to transform how you travel in Minecraft. But, they are not the only new mob coming to the game with the release date of Minecraft 1.20. The next update with also bring Sniffers to the game which are powerful mobs that help you discover ancient plants in the game. You can then, grow and move these plants into flower pots to decorate your base. With that said, how are you planning to use the camels in your Minecraft world? Drop your plans on our Discord server!

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