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How to Make Ender Chest in Minecraft (2024)

Exploring the best Minecraft survival servers comes with a variety of risks. The biggest one is the players looting your chests when you are gone. Thanks to PvP texture packs, even hidden chests become easy to find. So, should you should give up on your loot? No, instead it’s time to learn how to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft to keep your inventory private. 

How to Make Ender Chest in Minecraft (2024)

From its crafting recipe to uses, our guide covers everything you need to know about Ender chest in Minecraft.

What is an Ender Chest in Minecraft

Ender chest is a powerful storage block in Minecraft. It is a unique type of chest that you can access from anywhere in your world. Moreover, this chest only opens for the person who created it, making it the safest storage option. Expanding on the same, they are fireproof and have an extremely high blast resistance.

How Many Items Can an Ender Chest Hold

While the Ender chest might look like the best portable storage block, it comes with a major downside. All Ender chests in your world are interconnected and have access to the same inventory. Unlike chests or barrels, you cannot make multiple Ender chests and expect them to hold different items.

Furthermore, you cannot make larger chests or put Ender chests on mobs like mules. Still, the 27 inventory slots in them can help you store away up to 1728 items. But, non-stackable items like swords and armor can make it a bit trickier. Luckily, Shulker boxes can help you expand this storage exponentially.

Where Does Ender Chest Spawn

The Ender chests only spawn inside treasure rooms of the End Cities in Minecraft. Unlike other loot chests, they don't spawn with any items inside them. Here are a few tips to easily find an End City in Minecraft:

  • Expand your FOV (field of view) to easily spot End Cities from a long-distance
  • Carry Ender pearls to avoid falling into the void
  • Keep some building blocks in your inventory to bridge between End islands
  • Use reliable ways to avoid fall damage in Minecraft and survive Shulker attacks

Items Required to Make Ender Chest

You need to collect the following items to make an Ender chest in Minecraft:

  • 8 Obsidian Blocks
  • 1 Eye of Ender
  • Crafting Table or Crafter

You can easily make a crafting table by combining four planks in a square format. This recipe works in your inventory's crafting grid and with all types of planks in the game. If you spawn in the right spot, you can even use bamboo planks.

Steps to Collect Obsidian

Follow these simple steps to get obsidian blocks in Minecraft:

1. First, make a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft. You cannot mine the obsidian blocks with a weaker pickaxe.

2. Then, search for a source of lava and a source of water around your world. It would be best if both of the sources were closer to one another.

3. Next, use a bucket to pick up the lava and place it on top of the water. As soon as lava comes in contact with the water, it will turn into obsidian.

4. Finally, use your diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian blocks. We need a total of 8 obsidian blocks to make an Ender chest.

How to Get Eye of Ender in Minecraft

The Eye of Ender is the key item that allows you to unlock the Ender portal and travel to the End dimension in Minecraft. But, that's not all it does. You can also use the Eye of Ender to craft the Ender chest and keep your items secure.

Here's how to get the Eye of Ender:

1. First, make a Nether portal in Minecraft and travel to the Nether dimension.

2. Then, search for a Nether fortress where hostile Blazes spawn.

3. Use your weapons to kill some Blazes and collect Blaze rods. Then, place a blaze rod in the crafting grid to turn it into Blaze Powder.

4. Next, search for Endermen in your world. They are the only mob that can spawn in all three dimensions of Minecraft.

5. Once you find an Enderman, kill it and collect Ender pearls. You can use a carved pumpkin in Minecraft to avoid instigating this mob unit you are ready.

6. Finally, place the Blaze powder and Ender pearl in the crafting grid to get an Eye of Ender. The crafting recipe is completely random so you can place these items anywhere in the grid.

Crafting Recipe of Ender Chest in Minecraft

Once you have all the ingredients, it's quite easy to make an Ender chest in Minecraft. All you need to do is place the Eye of Ender in the middle of the crafting grid and surround it with obsidian blocks. This recipe gives out one Ender chest, making it one of the most expensive storage blocks in the game.

How to Use Ender Chest in Minecraft

Now that you know how to make Ender chest in Minecraft, let's figure out its usage:

1. First, equip the Ender chest in your hand. Then, right-click or use the secondary action key to place it on a solid surface.

2. Next, right-click on the placed chest to open it and put your items on it.

3. Once the Ender chest closes, you can use a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment to mine and pick it up. Without Silk Touch, the Ender chest ends up dropping 8 obsidian blocks and no Eyes of Ender. Furthermore, if mined without a pickaxe, the chest ends up dropping nothing.

Later, you can create a new Ender chest anywhere in your Minecraft world. Or place the one from your inventory to access the items. If other players on the best Minecraft servers try to access the chest, they see their separate inventory. There is no way for them to steal items from your Ender chest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ender chest need Silk Touch?

You need a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe to mine and pick up Ender chests in Minecraft. Without it, the chest ends up dropping only 8 obsidian blocks.

Why can't I craft an Ender chest?

Some players tend to accidentally use Ender pearls in the crafting recipe of an Ender chest. You need to combine an Eye of Ender with 8 obsidian blocks to craft it.

Can I use a dropper on Ender chests?

Ender chests don't work with Redstone components like hoppers, droppers, or comparators.

How do you break the Ender chest without Silk Touch?

Unfortunately, there is no way to pick up an Ender chest without the Silk Touch enchantment.

Can Ender Dragon destroy Ender chests?

Even though they are mostly made of obsidian blocks, the Ender Dragon can break Ender chests.

Make and Use Ender Chests in Minecraft

Now that your items are safe, it’s time to keep guard your mobs. An easy solution is to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft and leave it around your base. But, it can’t protect the mobs like wolves that you take on adventures. Luckily, you can make the new wolf armor in Minecraft to keep them safe. All you need are a few armadillo scutes. With that said, do you know any ways to make Ender chests in Minecraft safer? Join the discussion on our Discord server and share your ideas!

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