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How to Find and Get Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft 1.20

Blue, shiny, and extremely valuable. If you’re thinking about diamonds then, you need to expand your horizon. Let's dive into the world of lapis lazuli, an extraordinary mineral that not only unlocks new decorations but also empowers your gear with special abilities. So, grab your pickaxe and get ready to learn how to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft

Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft (2023)

From spawning to uses, our guide covers everything you need to know lapis lazuli in Minecraft. Make sure to explore all the sections thoroughly to avoid any errors. 

What is Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

Lapis lazuli is a versatile mineral and crafting ingredient in Minecraft. It looks similar to rocks but boasts a vibrant blue color. This bright color makes it a perfect crafting ingredient to make a bunch of decorative items in the game. But, lapis lazuli truly shines as the main power source to fuel Enchanting Table and unlock most enchantments in Minecraft.

How to Get Lapis Lazuli

There are multiple ways to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft. Let's go over each of them to find the method that works best for you.

Chest Loot

Lapis lazuli spawns inside the chests of the following structures in Minecraft:

Out of these, the shipwrecks have the highest chance of spawning the blue mineral inside them. Moreover, finding them is also relatively easy. All you need is a boat in Minecraft and the will to explore its massive oceans.

Woodland Mansions with Block of Lazuli

Woodland Mansions are another great place to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft. This structure spawns entire blocks of lazuli at the center of "Illager statues". All you need to do is pick up the block of lazuli and place it in the crafting grid to get nine lapis lazuli.

There is no doubt that mansions are the fastest way to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft. But, it also has certain drawbacks. The first issue is finding the mansion, which, without the best Minecraft mansion seeds, is quite difficult. Second, if you somehow find the structure, dealing with the Pillagers is still inevitable.


You can buy one lapis lazuli in exchange for one emerald from apprentice-level cleric villagers. The trade isn't too profitable, but it gives you a renewable way to collect lapis lazuli in Minecraft. But, if you are playing on the Bedrock edition, you can get a much better offer from Wandering Traders. They have a chance of offering three lapis lazuli for a single emerald.

Villager Gifts

If you want to get lapis lazuli without paying a dime to the villagers, it's time to act like a hero. Whenever you defeat a raid in Minecraft, the game gives you the "Hero of the Village" status effect. Because of the same, all the villagers shower you with various gifts, related to their trade. So, if there is a cleric villager in the village, it throws lapis lazuli at you.

Best Height to Find Lapis Lazuli Ore

As per Minecraft 1.20 ore distribution, lapis lazuli generates most commonly at the world height of Y=0. This is also the height where most cave biomes usually start spawning. So, you can hop on the best Minecraft cave seeds to have the best chance to find lapis lazuli.

You can use a stone pickaxe or stronger to mine the lapis lazuli ore block. Each ore block drops 4-9 lapis lazuli. But, you can add the Fortune III enchantment on your pickaxe to push the chances up to 36 items.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

From crafting items to unlocking enchantments, there are a bunch of ways to use lapis lazuli. The only other mineral that can match its versatility is copper in Minecraft.


The lapis lazuli acts as a fuel source for the Enchantment Table in Minecraft. Here's how to use it:

1. First, make an Enchantment Table in Minecraft by combining a book and two diamonds with four obsidian blocks.

2. Then, place the Enchantment Table on the side or top of another solid block.

3. Next, put the item you want to enchant inside the Enchantment Table.

4. Finally, place the lapis lazuli right next to the item in the Enchantment Table. Then, the table will show you all the available enchantments for that time. You can click on the one you want to apply to your item.

5. Initially, the Enchantment Table only shows you low-level enchantments. But, you can upgrade it by surrounding the table with various bookshelves. This mechanic only works with regular bookshelves and not the chiseled bookshelves.

Dying and Crafting Items

When you place the lapis lazuli inside the crafting grid, it immediately turns into blue dye. Then, you can use the same dye to change the color of a variety of items in the game. But, at the same time, you can also use lapis lazuli to craft a bunch of blue items, including:

  • Block of Lapis Lazuli
  • Bed
  • Concrete Powder
  • Firework Star
  • Stained Glass
  • Stained Glass Pane
  • Terracotta
  • Blue Wool
  • Dye (purple, cyan, magenta, light blue)

Interestingly, out of all these recipes, only the Block of Lazuli is available in Minecraft Java. All the other ones are exclusive to the Bedrock and Education edition of Minecraft.

Smithing with Armor Trim

Other than creating new items, the lapis lazuli can also help you upgrade your existing armor pieces. By combining armor trims with lapis lazuli, you can add unique blue patterns to your armor. We have a collection of the best Minecraft armor trim combinations, many of which utilize lapis lazuli for customization.

FAQ: Lapiz Lazuli in Minecraft

How rare is lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

Even though it is more common than Netherite, lapis lazuli is still a relatively rare ore block in Minecraft.

Is lapis lazuli important in Minecraft?

Lapis lazuli is one of the most important minerals in Minecraft. Without it, you will have no way to get enchantments in the game beyond enchanted books.

What is the easiest way to find lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

Unless you spawn next to a Woodland Mansion, searching for ore blocks is the easiest way to get lapis lazuli in Minecraft.

Find and Use Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft (2023)

With the power of this blue rock in your hand, you are now ready to get the strongest gear on all Minecraft SMP servers. But, powerful gear is only reliable in the hands of a skilled player. So, don’t let the enchantments stop you from honing your skills on Minecraft survival seeds. From lonesome islands to Pillagers at spawn, these worlds offer a bunch of unique challenges for you to take on. Enjoy your exploration!

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