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How to Make Minecraft Saddle

Minecraft's mobs are a crucial part of the overall gameplay. Some, like the Sniffer, help you discover a bunch of amazing items while others try to hunt you down. But, what truly transforms your entire experience are the rideable mobs. From camels to horses, these mobs not only let you explore faster but also provide you combat advantage. Though, the key to controlling any of these beasts is the Minecraft saddle. So, whether you want to dominate the Minecraft survival servers or make exploration easy, it's time to buckle up and discover saddles in Minecraft!

How to Make Minecraft Saddle

Our guide covers crafting, spawning, and usage of saddles in Minecraft within separate sections. You can explore each of them to find out everything you need to know.

Crafting Recipe of a Saddle

Saddles are unique and useful items in Minecraft but they cannot be crafted using a recipe. The only way to obtain them is by exploring the world and finding a saddle naturally. While this might look like a daunting task at first, the usefulness of this item makes your quest worth it.

However, for those who prefer to play on the cracked Minecraft servers, there are many mods available that add crafting recipes for saddles. Most of these mods allow you to craft a saddle with 4-5 pieces of leather.

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft

Unless you are using commands or modpacks, there are only four ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Chest Loot
  • Fishing
  • Mob Drop
  • Trading

Let's go over each of these options to find the one that suits your needs.

Chest Loot

The easiest way to find the saddle is by looking inside the various chests in the following structures:

  • Ancient City
  • Bastion Remnant (Hoglin stable chest)
  • Desert Temple
  • Dungeons
  • End City
  • Jungle Temple
  • Nether Fortress
  • Trial Chamber
  • Stronghold (Altar chest)
  • Village (Weaponsmith, tanner, or savanna house chest)

Out of all of these structures, the chests at Nether Fortress have the highest chance of spawning with a saddle inside them. So, you might have to create a Nether portal in Minecraft before getting your hands on your first saddle in the game.


Fishing in Minecraft, fortunately, isn't limited to catching fish. You can find a bunch of useful loot from any water source in the form of "treasure" items and saddles are one of them.

All you have to do is craft a fishing rod, find any water body in your world, and start fishing. Unfortunately, the saddles have a less than 1% chance of appearing at the of your rod. So, other methods to obtain a Minecraft saddle are much more reliable.

Mob Drop

Another interesting way to get a Minecraft saddle is by killing a Ravager that always spawns equipped with it. However, this mob only appears during raids. So, you will have to not only risk your life but also an entire village to get your saddle.

Alternatively, you can also obtain a saddle by killing a Strider that's being ridden by a zombified Piglin. Finding such a Strider isn't easy but it is definitely much safer than fighting an entire raid. Not to forget, on the best Minecraft SMP servers, you can also kill saddled mobs of other players to steal the item.

Trading for Saddle

If exploration doesn't yield any results, trading with villagers is a powerful resort for obtaining saddles in Minecraft. On the Java edition, the master-level leatherworker villagers always offer a saddle in exchange for 6 emeralds.

But on the Bedrock edition, this trade is only available 50% of the time, which is still more reliable than wandering aimlessly. You can also use the best Minecraft village seeds to give yourself a head start in trading. And if you need help getting enough emeralds, our Minecraft 1.20 ore distribution guide can assist you.

How to Use a Minecraft Saddle

You can use a saddle to ride and control the following mobs in Minecraft:

  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules
  • Camels
  • Pigs
  • Striders

Please keep in mind that a saddle isn't enough to control the pigs and Striders. You also need to get a fishing rod with a carrot and a fishing rod with a fungus respectively.

Having said that, follow these steps to use a Minecraft saddle:

1. First, locate the mob you want to ride and tame it by feeding it (if required). We are targeting camels that don't require any taming.

2. Next, equip your saddle and right-click on the mob to place the saddle on top of it.

3. Alternatively, you can also get on top of the mob and press your inventory key to open the mob's inventory. Then, you can simply place the saddle in the dedicated slot to put it on the mob.

FAQ: Minecraft Saddle

Why can't you craft saddles in Minecraft?

While there is no official explanation as to why saddles aren't craftable in Minecraft, we suspect it's to keep the game more engaging.

Did saddles get removed from Minecraft?

The first time when the saddles were added to Minecraft, they were known as "horse saddles". This variant of the saddles even had a crafting recipe consisting of iron ingots and leather. But, version 1.6.1 got rid of this feature.

How rare is it to get a saddle?

Saddles aren't as rare as most useful items in Minecraft. You can use any of the reliable methods in our guide to obtain it in no time.

Get and Use a Saddle in Minecraft

With a trusty Minecraft saddle, you can easily ride a camel or a horse to almost every corner of your world. But, keep in mind that none of them can truly protect you from hostile monsters that you might discover. So, make sure to craft a diamond sword and grab a shield before venturing out. Though, if traveling by land still feels like a hassle, you can also try to get an Elytra in Minecraft. Our reliable guide will lead you to one in no time. Having said that, which mob are planning to ride now? Share your answers on the Discord server!

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