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10 Best Lush Caves Seeds for Minecraft 1.20 (2023)

Picture the serene glow of berries reflecting in the water, playful axolotls frolicking about, and hanging roots completing the enchanting scenery. Lush Caves is a dreamland of Minecraft biomes. This biome is also home to some of the rarest flora and fauna in the game. However, when it comes to finding them, the journey is made up of confusion, danger, and a lot of digging. The challenge is even greater on the best Minecraft servers, where competition with other players intensifies. But, fear not, for we are here to guide you with the best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds. Dive into this unique adventure and unlock the best-looking worlds out there. 

Best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves Seeds

You can find the code and coordinates for each Lush Caves seed right next to their description. Make sure you use the digits carefully to avoid any errors.

1. Overground Lush Caves

In the world of Minecraft, Lush Caves are often hidden deep underground, making it a challenge to fully appreciate their beauty. Fortunately, our first seed has a simple yet extremely rare solution for the same.

It generates a Lush Caves biome above the ground and right in the middle of a jungle. In a unique twist of fate, the two biomes blend perfectly with each other. As rare as it might sound, this seed is the perfect spot for building a beautiful base and even an azalea farm.

  • Seed: 4726055113674905895
  • Spawn Biome: Desert
  • Coordinates: -1444 68 1691

2. Lava Logged Flora

It is common knowledge that Lush Caves are often flooded with water streams and pools. This adds a certain beauty to them and provides a home for axolotls as well. However, in this entry on the best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds list, the usual water features have been replaced by dangerous lava pools.

One wrong step can lead to a fiery demise. So, you have to be careful while exploring this cave or keep a Potion of Fire Resistance on hand. Though, on the bright side, the light from the lava prevents hostile mobs from spawning in the area.

  • Seed: -359230415996051723
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: 72 -11 116

3. Desert Temple in Lush Caves

While you can occasionally find mineshafts generating inside the Lush Caves of Minecraft, they never get access to the overground structures. At least not beyond this extremely rare seed that spawns a desert temple underground. The temple sits in almost complete darkness but has all its features intact.

You can find suspicious sand blocks in its hallways and TNT blocks along with chests beneath the temple. But that's not all this seed has to offer. Right behind the temple is a hole that goes all the way to bedrock, giving you access to most ores in the game. You just need to make an iron pickaxe or stronger before jumping into it.

  • Seed: 8982479184696970002
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Coordinates: 731 35 -455 (Java)
  • Source: u/RazerCrash

4. Beautiful Mountain With Exposed Lush Caves

The hardest part of exploring the Lush Caves is finding and digging your way to them. But, our list of best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds has a great workaround. After spawning into its world, you can simply walk into the beautiful biome through its huge cave opening.

Moreover, it isn't just any random lush cave biome. What you get is one of the largest iterations of this biome. It includes water pools, lava waterfalls, and even huge open areas. Everything blends in perfectly with the flora of Lush Caves, leading to amazing scenery.

  • Seed: -6281032827949366960
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga
  • Coordinates: -48 65 -160

5. Two Villages on Top of Lush Caves

Following the trend of all the other entries on the list of best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds, the seed also generates an amazing lush cave beneath your feet. But, unlike other seeds, it also gives you a bunch of resources above the ground.

It spawns you next to two massive villages, one of which has glitched into a bamboo jungle. You can get enough bamboo to create an entire family of bamboo wood in Minecraft. Plus, since both villages are desert villages, you can also get a couple of camels quickly.

  • Seed: 766112
  • Spawn Biome: Desert
  • Second Village Coordinates: -133 75 145 (Java)

6. Outpost with Mineshaft Lush Caves

To bring some excitement back in the search for Lush Caves in Minecraft, this seed spawns you right next to a Pillager Outpost. This structure is filled with hostile Pillagers that try to kill you as soon as they see you. So, you have to be quick on your feet immediately after spawning into this world.

Though, if you are somehow able to escape them, it's time to start digging. Right beneath the outpost is one of the largest networks of Lush Caves in the game. Though, you can even use the outpost as a base because it's located on a majestic ravine. The flora from the biome will help you decorate it.

  • Seed: 267129 (Java)
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga

7. Secret Entrance to Underwater Cave

Giving you a completely new way to discover lush caves in Minecraft, this seed generates them in an underwater area. You just need to dive into the river next to your spawn point and swim your way to the cave opening. The spot is quite easy to find and safe from most hostile mobs.

However, you might have to make a Potion of Water Breathing to fully explore this amazing spot. Some of the areas of lush caves, including their ores, are hidden under the water, and not exploring them fully would be a waste of this rare opportunity.

  • Seed: 510130
  • Spawn Biome: Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Cave Opening Coordinates: 24 64 -79

8. Lush Ancient City

As its name reveals, this amazing entry on the best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds generates an Ancient City in Lush Caves. The scary structure gets overwhelmed by the beautiful features of the majestic biome. However, the same features can become an obstacle in your movements once the Warden spawns.

While keeping a Potion of Night Vision might make exploration a bit easier, sticking with sneaking is your best bet. One wrong encounter can send you back to your spawn point. Though, if you can explore this unique spot without spawning the Warden, it can give you truly great loot.

  • Seed: -3293300164596197311
  • Coordinates: -1153 -41 -440 (Java)

9. Uncover Trail Ruins to Find Lush Caves

From Pottery Sherds to emeralds, you can find a variety of loot within the new Trail Ruins structures of Minecraft. But, on this seed, digging beneath this historical structure also leads you directly to the Lush Caves biome. Not to forget, you can even get copper to make a brush in Minecraft from the same cave.

The same helps you uncover all the suspicious blocks in various structures including the Trail Ruins. This combination of a rare structure along with an iconic biome is hard to find again. However, if you want to test your luck then our list of best Minecraft Trail Ruins seeds is your safest bet.

  • Seed: 1113275 (Java)
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Taiga

10. Open Seaside Nature Hub

Exposed caves might look like a trend on our list of best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves list. However, none of the other entries compare to this one. It generates a large opening on the side of a seaside mountain and places this beautiful biome in it.

Because of this unique location, the cave gets magnificent lighting during the day, especially at sunrise. Moreover, thanks to the glow berries, the same cave light makes the mountain look significant from far away. Though, if you want to make the most of this pair of experiences, then don't forget to install Optifine and get some reliable shaders.

  • Seed: -1058557249
  • Opening Coordinates: 149 68 -403

Explore Lush Caves Seeds in Minecraft 1.20

While the best Minecraft 1.20 Lush Caves seeds are great for base-building, they are still as dangerous as other caves. So, don’t forget to level up the light system in your home using lanterns and campfires. Unlike torches and light blocks, these two items don’t take away the aesthetics of Lush Caves and still prevent hostile mobs from spawning. Though, if you have access to Netherite armor in the game, the monsters won’t be a worry in the first place. Having said that, have you discovered any interesting Lush Caves in your world? Don’t forget to share them on our Discord server. 

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