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Minecraft Live 2023: Date, Mob Vote and What to Expect

It's that time of the year again. The best Minecraft servers are abuzz with excitement, and the community is eagerly awaiting news about new features, biomes, mobs, and much more. All of this is set to unravel at Minecraft Live 2023, the year's most significant event. But what should you expect, and when will Minecraft Live 2023 happen? Let's delve into everything you need to know.

Minecraft Live 2023

Note: Our guide is based on the official trailer, experimental updates, and anticipated features. Some features and speculations might change with the official announcements. Stay tuned for the latest information on Minecraft Live 2023.

Update (Sep 20): Added details of a potential official hint about a Potion of Glowing. 

What is Minecraft Live Event

Minecraft Live is an annual live stream and community event, organized by MojangIt acts as a bridge between the developers and the players to discuss the future of the game. During it, developers discuss all titles under the game's umbrella including its spin-offs.

The event also provides a sneak peek at the next major update, which, in 2023, is Minecraft 1.21. We get to see some of the planned features in action, while many remain behind the curtain till the coming weeks. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. From fan creations to the popular community vote, there is a lot to look forward to.

When is Minecraft Live 2023 Happening

As per the official trailer, Minecraft Live 2023 is happening on October 15th, 2023. This event date fits perfectly with the timeline of all the previous live events for the game. The list includes:

  • 2020October 3
  • 2021October 16
  • 2022October 15

As per this pattern, Minecraft Live usually takes place around mid-October each year. Though, interestingly, this is the first time that the event is going to take place on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. 

At What Time Will Minecraft 1.20 Update Release?

The Minecraft Live 2023 will begin at 1:00 PM EDT. You can find the time for your timezone in the list below:

  • New York: 1:00 PM EDT
  • Los Angeles: 10:00 AM PDT
  • India: 10:30 PM IST
  • United Kingdom: 6:00 PM BST
  • France: 7:00 PM CEST
  • China: 1:00 AM CST (Next Day)
  • Japan: 2:00 AM JST (Next Day)
  • Australia: 3:00 AM AEST (Next Day)
  • Russia: 8:00 PM MSK

What to Expect from Minecraft 1.21

The most exciting part of any Minecraft Live event is the reveal of the next major update. The case remains the same for Minecraft Live 2023, where the curtain will rise on the Minecraft 1.21 update. But, there have been significant changes since the last major event.

The Era of Nameless Updates

Minecraft Live 2022 marked a new era of Minecraft updates and how we get features in the game. The event only showcased the first set of features, with more to follow in the later weeks.

This approach gave players a chance to test and provide feedback on every single feature. But, doing so also postponed the reveal of the update's theme, leaving us guessing. We hope Minecraft Live 2023 follows a similar approach, keeping the community first.

Minecraft 1.21 Update

While we might not get a theme for the Minecraft 1.21 update anytime soon, there are many hints that point toward the villagers. Looking at the last two updates, we got a revamped version of the swamps and new wood (bamboo) in the jungle biome. Interestingly, these are also the biomes that don't have dedicated villages even after having dedicated villagers in the game.

Furthermore, the new minor Minecraft 1.20.2 update is testing a villager trade rebalance. So, it appears that the next update might not only overhaul villagers but also introduce new villages to the game. But, that's not all. You can check out our list of all the features we expect from the Minecraft 1.21 update and why most of them are plausible.

Other Expectations

The Minecraft Live 2023 event promises a range of changes across all Minecraft titles. So, before diving deeper into the main game, let's explore the anticipated features of its spin-offs.

  • Minecraft Dungeons: The last major update for Dungeons came out in November of 2022. With such a massive wait, players are expecting a large and game-changing update. It might include Sculk blocks and deep dark areas, which currently only appear in the main game.
  • Minecraft Legends: Minecraft's newest spin-off got its first major update in August 2023. It focused on improving and adding gameplay features to it. But, with Minecraft Live 2023, Legends may receive updates to its content, biomes, and mobs.

Will There Be a Mob Vote in Minecraft Live 2023

One feature that distinguishes Minecraft Live from other video game events is the community vote. It gives the players a chance to vote on features they want to see in the game. Both the Sniffer and the Allay are a gift of community mob votes. So, it comes as a surprise to no one that Minecraft Live 2023 will also feature an amazing mob vote.

The voting will begin with the launch of a dedicated server on October 13, 2023. Then, the players will have 48 hours to vote for their favorite mob. You can find out everything you need to know about the mobs and how to vote in Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 in our dedicated guide. 

Where to Watch Minecraft Live

You can easily watch Minecraft Live 2023 on a variety of platforms. The list includes:

Alternatively, you can also skip the hour-long event and directly get to the juicier bits. To do so, simply bookmark our guide and get a complete list of all the announced features.

Hinted Features

During the initial announcement of the Minecraft Live event, the developers promised a series of hints leading up to the event. Please keep an eye out for this space to stay on top of all the hints as we cover and even debunk them.

Potion of Glowing

In a recent official Minecraft post (here) discussing the release of the game's Lofi music, something interesting caught our attention. The post includes three descriptions of ideal days from each of the Minecraft games. In the description of the main Minecraft game, writer Linn Viberg mentions:

I whip out my fishing rod again and soak up the view. Some soul lanterns and a Potion of Glowing would top this off well. I think me and my new soundtrack will like it here.

What's intriguing here is the mention of a "Potion of Glowing," which currently doesn't exist in the game. But, we already have everything you need to brew it including glow ink sac and the resulting Glow status effect. So, will Minecraft 1.21 tie these together and bring Potion of Glowing to the game? We'll have to wait and see if this hint becomes a reality. 

Don't Miss the Minecraft 1.21 Event in 2023

With that, it’s time to wait for Minecraft Live 2023 and everything it will reveal. But, in the meantime, don't forget to explore the new features that are already available. Launch your world with the new Quick Play feature in Minecraft launcher. Then, step into one of the best Minecraft 1.20 village seeds and discover the new villager trades. While you are finding your way with a village map, you can also meet the upgraded Wandering Trader. Having said that, do you also anticipate Minecraft 1.21 to be a village update? Or do you have something else in mind? Share your thoughts on our Discord server and engage in the discussion. 

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