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10 Best Minecraft 1.19.4 Village Seeds You Shouldn't Miss

Whether you want to hide at night or get beds for speedrunning, villages are one of the most reliable structures in the world of Minecraft. They not only provide a reliable source of loot but also offer renewable resources that you can return to time and time again. Though, finding one early on in the game can be a hassle. But worry not, we are here with some of the best Minecraft village seeds to ever exist. From the simple resource villages to ones in peril, each seed offers a new and exciting experience. So, grab your pickaxe, and get ready to explore all the amazing villages of Minecraft!

Best Minecraft Village Seeds

Note: We have tested all the seeds on our list with Minecraft Snapshot 23w16a and preview version While it is highly unlikely, some of the features on it are subject to final release.

1. The Pink Village

Minecraft's new cherry blossom-inspired biome is one of the most exciting features that's coming to the game. However, much like the other recent biomes, it isn't getting its village. Fortunately, this Minecraft seed is trying to change that. In it, you spawn right next to a plains village, parts of which are inside a Cherry Grove biome.

By using the cherry wood from this biome, you can rebuild the villager huts to give them a more appropriate and cohesive look. Who knows, a developer might see your experiment and implement it in the next update. Moreover, if you're a true fan of the pink biome, be sure to check out our list of the best Minecraft Cherry Grove seeds.

  • Seed Code: 19642930 (Java)

2. A Frozen World in Best Minecraft Village Seeds

As the name reveals, this best Minecraft village seed spawns you inside a village that's surrounded by snow. Irrespective of where you look, the world greets you with snowy biomes and cold weather. It is a dreamland for people who love winter.

However, you have to be extremely careful while exploring it. One wrong step and the snow can trap you inside it leading to slow but constant damage. Though, if you have a Potion of Healing handy, it wouldn't be a big risk.

  • Seed Code: 1511108 (Java)

3. Village Survival Island

Survival islands are one of the most exciting ways to experience the world of Minecraft. You spawn on a tiny piece of land in the middle of the ocean and have to make it to the mainland on your own.

But on this seed, you get to experience an island with a bonus village that has everything you need for a good start. So, it turns around the whole island experience by giving you a bunch of great resources at spawn. Now, you just have to make a boat in Minecraft and sail across the ocean.

  • Seed Code: 153632703 (Java)

4. Lost Swamp Village in Best Minecraft Village Seeds

Players have been waiting for years for swamp villagers to have a proper home in the game. But so far, they're still out in the cold. Fortunately, this entry in our list of best Minecraft village seeds fixes this tragic flax by spawning a desert village inside the mangrove swamp.

You can witness swamp villagers spawning and thriving in their new environment. However, they'll need some assistance from you to incorporate the mangrove wood and mud into their desert huts.

  • Seed Code: 33180757 (Java)

5. Treasure in Sand

If you're looking for a rare and resourceful Minecraft village seed, look no further than this one. It spawns you right inside a desert village that has all the major villagers and even a camel. But as you venture deeper, you will find a desert temple within the same village, where it clearly doesn't belong.

So, theoretically, you can just spawn and walk into one of the rarest structures in the game. There is no doubt that you will still be at risk cautious of TNT traps and hostile mobs lurking within the temple. But with the resources from the village, you'll be well-equipped to handle all challenges.

  • Seed Code: 22003990 (Java)

6. Underground Village

As its title reveals, this Minecraft village seed does the impossible and spawns parts of a village beneath the surface. You can find villager huts and even their gardens inside an underground cave, simply waiting for hostile mobs to swarm them.

While it is unfortunate for villagers, this location can be a good secret base location, especially if you're playing with friends. Simply cover the cave opening to hide your new home away from prying eyes. But, make sure to keep a pickaxe handy so that you can dig out if things go south.

  • Seed Code: -378299623338709767 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: 1224, 130, 264
  • Source: Fragrant_Result_186

7. Dangers at Home in Best Minecraft Village Seeds

If villagers living under the ground sounds dangerous then imagine what would happen if dangers made it to the surface. This best Minecraft village seed spawns an outpost right next to the village making it vulnerable to Pillager attacks.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, there's an exposed dungeon right in the heart of the village, where hostile mobs spawn and wreak havoc. While this village may seem like a dangerous place to live, it also provides an excellent opportunity to test your combat skills. But we won't suggest entering it without getting a diamond sword.

  • Seed Code: 7821580944153864709 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: -803, 72, 636
  • Source: EAJLM

8. A Hole in Heaven

Minecraft has seen its fair share of bizarre glitches over the years, but this best Minecraft village seed takes the cake. When you spawn into the world, nothing feels out of place. But, if you venture into a nearby spot in the ocean, your eyes won't believe what they are seeing.

Thanks to twisted world generation, you'll discover a village submerged in water with hundreds of water blocks raining down on top of it. Exploring this spot isn't going to be easy but you can use turtle scutes to breathe underwater and probably save some villagers.

  • Seed Code: 5106449350243512140 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: 115, 117, -79
  • Source: crackedmagnet

9. Monunental Village

Ocean monuments are known for their rareness and the challenges that come with exploring them. The loot of this place is tempting, but without proper preparation, it could quickly turn into a nightmare. But, there's no need to worry because this amazing Minecraft seed that generates a seaside village perfect for getting you started.

This rare occurrence is a stroke of luck for any player looking to get a head start in the game. You can get everything you need from the village to strike the monument with confidence. But, if somehow, things go haywire, you can easily swim up to safety and prepare to strike again.

  • Seed Code: -8641372289901478563 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: -373, 78, -797
  • Source: Fragrant_Result_186

10. The Multi-Level Village

To close our list of best Minecraft village seeds, we have a seed that completely transforms how this structure generates. The hillside village is unlike anything you've seen before, with buildings spread across many levels on the broken terrain.

All the features of a village including its huts, barns, and farms grow on separate levels right next to a deadly ravine. This seed's post-apocalyptic terrain can work like a great competition to some of the best Minecraft parkour maps out there. Though, villagers might need some new fencing to keep themselves and their mobs safe.

  • Seed Code: -4299570204587931129 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: -447, 88, 209
  • Source: Alien_Instincts

Explore Villages in Minecraft 1.20 Seeds

With access to all these amazing Minecraft village seeds, you no longer have to worry about getting resources while starting a new world. However, with great resources comes great responsibility. So, to maintain the flow of resources, you must also keep the village safe. So, make sure to create a diamond sword in Minecraft to protect your villagers from zombies at night. Though, if one of your villagers gets infected, you can rely on our dedicated guide to cure the zombie villagers and fix the situation in no time. With that said, do you have any other good Minecraft seeds? Share it on our Discord server!

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