Live: Servers updated July 12, 2024, 2:51 pm
LemonCloud [1.21]
6700/6701 playing now
★ 1.21 JAVA + BEDROCK ★...
419/1000 playing now
Bringing Pokemon into Vanilla ...
Cobblemon Islands
122/500 playing now
Skins, Cosmetics, Furniture, G...
93/200 playing now
Welcome to CobbleLand! Bringin...
Blaze Gaming [1.21]
534/2024 playing now
PokeBalta Türk Pixelmon
1/2024 playing now
Türkiye'nin en büyük ve tek...
Frontier Network
4/500 playing now
Free-to-play cobblemon communi...
0/10000 playing now
Welcome to Cobblehaven, we are...
Cobblemon Horizons
15/75 playing now
Our server runs on Cobblemon 1...
Ruinous Horizons
15/100 playing now
A friendly cobblemon server th...
0/500 playing now
Modded Minecraft Anime based N...
RivlerMC Network
16/1000 playing now
Welcome to our RivlerMC Networ...
Modmix Network
5/200 playing now
Exciting mix of Survival, Town...
0/0 playing now
Mods and Plugins! Come hang ou...
15/200 playing now
Cobblemon Forge Server 1.20.1...
0/999 playing now
We host a variety of different...
PokeHub Cobblemon
176/5000 playing now
PokeHub is a Minecraft Cobblem...
0/500 playing now
OGRival - OG MineRival recreat...
0/40 playing now
Are you looking for the perfec...
0/1 playing now
The Coven - Cobblemon Adventure
0/0 playing now
The Coven Gaming Community - C...
0/50 playing now
The first true Fakemon Server!...
Cobblemon Eclipse
0/2023 playing now
Cobblemon | Skyblock | Surviva...
Unova Legends Cobblemon
7/200 playing now
Plasma Cobblemon is a brand ne...
SlockageMC Forge
6/30 playing now
Cobblemon Economy/Survival Ser...
Wool MC
3/200 playing now
Best Lifesteal and Survival Se...
2/500 playing now
PokeSky to serwer Minecraft Po...
Boko Village
1/160 playing now
1.19.2 LOOKING FOR STAFF! Bran...
1/20 playing now
A Brand new world to explore w...
G C Network
0/1 playing now
A cross-platform Minecraft net...

What are Minecraft cobblemon servers?

Cobblemon is a new type of pokemon mod in Minecraft. You can cpture Poekmon to expand your team and battle wild pokemon while gining experience and leveling up to unlock new skills and moves. You can also battle other players and their Pokemon. A Cobblemon server lets you play this amazing pokemon mod with other players online from all over the world. Cobblemon servers are great for any Minecrft player looking to get n amzing pokemon experience online.

How to play on Minecraft Cobblemon servers?

  1. Launch Minecraft with Forge installed
  2. Add Cobblemon mod to your mods folder
  3. After mod is successfully downloaded, launch Minecraft with Forge
  4. Click on "Add Server" button
  5. Copy the IP of the Cobblemon server you want to play on from our large list here
  6. Paste the IP in the Server Address field
  7. Click on "Save"
  8. You can now double click on the cobblemon server in your server list to play on it