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QSMP in Minecraft - First Bilingual Server

The best Minecraft servers are known for connecting players across borders irrespective of their age, location, or language. Yet, even with creative potential, the game has to bow down in front of language barriers. But all of that is about to change, thanks to QSMP in Minecraft. Releasing under the banner of Quackity, it's the first Minecraft server that supports multiple languages at once. It is unlike anything else we have seen so far. So let’s not waste another second and learn all about the new QSMP in Minecraft.

QSMP Minecraft Server (2024)

Our guide goes over various aspects of the QSMP server in separate sections. You can check out the official trailer here before diving into the details.

What is Quackity SMP

Taking the world by storm, the QSMP Or Quackity SMP is a whitelisted survival multiplayer server on Minecraft. It is hosted by the Mexican Twitch streamer and Youtuber, Alexis who is better known as Quackity. But, what makes QSMP different from other Minecraft SMP servers is its ability to break language barriers.

It is the first multilingual SMP server that offers live translation allowing players to chat in their native tongue. If this concept sounds similar that's because Dream's United SMP offers a similar experience. Plus, much like USMP, QSMP is exclusive to certain players and not accessible to everyone. Yet, you can still enjoy amazing content in various languages from talented creators.

Language Translation Mod

QSMP uses Qlobal Translator to enable real-time conversations across various languages on their server. It detects input using voice as well as text and displays translated text above the speaker's head. For instance, if a player is speaking in Spanish, you can read the English text above them in real-time. The vice versa also works flawlessly.

All players of the server can speak freely without having to type or worry about others understanding them. Thanks to this, you as a viewer also get to enjoy content from creators all over the world in a language that's comfortable for you.

What Languages Does QSMP Support

At the moment, the Qlobal Translator on Quackity SMP supports these languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • German
  • Korean

Collectively, these languages have over 2 billion speakers across the globe. But, as the server expands and welcomes more players the language pool is sure to expand. Many fans believe that the upcoming languages might include Italian, Hindi, and Japanese. However, there is no official confirmation for any of them.

Lore of QSMP

The story of the QSMP server takes place on the massive Quesadilla island in the middle of nowhere. Multilingual players from across the world arrive on this island to live, fight, and play with one another. You can find new and often chaotic events taking place now and then. From underground prisons to plane crashes, nothing is off the table.


Since its release, here are all the major events that have happened so far in QSMP:

  • Early Events
  • Adoption
  • Shipwreck
  • Plane Crash
  • Federation Conflict
  • Peaceful Times
  • QSMP Elections 2023
  • Meltdown
  • The Law Wars
  • One more pill
  • Purgatory
  • New Friends

If you want to dig deeper, you can find more details about the entire QSMP timeline on their official Wiki. Though, as you can guess, all of these events are tied to the island and society slowly forming on it.

Moreover, as per the storyline, they are all taking place two decades after the QSMP Memories. But not much is known about this event yet which leaves a bunch of plotholes in the story. Hopefully, the upcoming arcs of the QSMP will build bridges for the plot.

Quackity SMP Characters

QSMP is home to a bunch of multi-lingual content creators who play various characters on the island. Some more than one. These characters find their way to their island either by Quackity's invitation or by some disastrous accident.

But irrespective of how they landed, the story of these characters only begins once they are on the island. The concept follows the footsteps of Minecraft roleplay servers but uses live translation to make the experience more inclusive.

Who Are the Original 16 QSMP Players

As per the official announcement, these are the first 16 Minecraft creators on the QSMP server, playing and creating content together:

  • Wilbursoot
  • FitMC
  • Philza
  • JaidenAnimations
  • BadBoyHalo
  • FoolishGamers
  • DanTDM
  • Slimecicle
  • Luzu
  • Rubius
  • ElMariana
  • Spreen
  • MissaSinFonia
  • Roier
  • Vegetta777
  • Maximus

You can jump on our list of Quackity SMP members to meet all the new creators and learn about their characters.

How to Watch QSMP in Minecraft

The QSMP server went online on March 22nd, 2023. Since then, we have been getting weekly streams in both English and Spanish with a fresh roleplay concept. You can watch the latest events of the bilingual server on Quackity’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

But, if you want to experience the multilingual QSMP, don't forget to check out other creators too. Almost every creator on the server streams their POV and brings something great to the table. Plus, if you are new to QSMP, there is already a year's content waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join QSMP in Minecraft?

QSMP is a private Minecraft server and you can only join it if Quackity sends you an invitation. Keep an eye out on their social media for fan events for a chance to join this server.

Is QSMP scripted?

As per the creators that are a part of it, the entire QSMP experience is improvised. While the team plans major events ahead of time, how they unfold and how players react to them is completely unscripted.

What does QSMP stand for?

QSMP stands for Quackity's Survival Multiplayer.

What did QSMP forever do?

Forever won the first-ever elections in QSMP and became the President of Quesadilla Island in 2023.

Experience English & Spanish QSMP in Minecraft

From puzzle-solving to storytelling, there is a lot of stuff that QSMP in Minecraft will bring in the upcoming months. But it can take months if not years for this live translation to be available for everyone. So, while you wait, make sure to check out the new Cobblemon Minecraft modpack. This Pokemon experience is almost as game-changing as the support for multiple languages. Happy crafting! 

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