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Quackity SMP Members: QSMP Complete List and Details

With the perfect mix of chaos, fun, and an unpredictable storyline, there is no doubt about the entertainment that Quackity SMP brings to the table. But what makes the fun possible isn’t the server itself but its amazing residents. So, let’s meet all the multilingual members of QSMP and how they reached the server. 

QSMP Members List

QSMP’s member list is an ever-changing list with members coming and going. Be sure to bookmark our guide to stay up-to-date with the QSMP family. 

Who Can Join the QSMP Team?

QSMP or Quackity's Survival Multiplayer server is limited to a select group of multi-lingual content creators. You can only join this private server if Quackity invites you to it. But, how can creators speaking different languages communicate with each other? Jump on our dedicated guide to QSMP in Minecraft to find out!

The Trains

When the QSMP first launched, Quackity invited players to Quesadilla Island by sending out train tickets. These tickets allow creators to reach the island through two available trains.

English Speakers

The trains had an equal number of Spanish and English content creators on board. Here are all the English speakers:

  • BadBoyHalo
  • DanTDM
  • FitMC
  • Foolish (Foolish Gamers)
  • Jaiden (Animations)
  • Philza (Ph1LzA)
  • Quackity
  • Slimecicle

Spanish Speakers

These are all the Spanish speakers who arrived on the first day of QSMP:

  • ElMariana
  • Luzu
  • Maximus (AgenteMaxo)
  • MissaSinfonia
  • Roier
  • SpreenDMC
  • Vegetta (777)

The Cargo Ship

Not everyone who reaches Quesadilla Island has a ticket for their arrival. Once 40 days had passed, a cargo ship with Portuguese speakers wrecked into the shore. The group included:

  • Cellbit
  • Felps
  • Mike
  • Pac (Peqitw)

While it's unclear whether these players were looking for buried treasure in Minecraft or to unleash chaos, they surely entertained the viewers.

The Plane

Following the array of accidents, a group of French explorers intentionally crashed their plane onto the island. On board were these amazing creators:

  • Antoine Daniel
  • Aypierre
  • Baghera Jones
  • Etoiles
  • Kameto

The Underground Facility

Most players make it onto the Quesadilla Island either by accident or with an invitation. But, what if you find yourself trapped beneath its surface? That was exactly the case with several creators who were imprisoned in an underground facility.


When several players went to investigate the commotion in the facility, they discovered these English speakers:

  • Ironmouse
  • Lenay
  • Nihachu (also the only German speaker)
  • TinaKitten
  • Tubbo


By charging at the facility and defeating the guards, the residents of Quesadilla freed all prisoners. These include the following Spanish speakers:

  • JuegaGerman (HolaSoyGerman)
  • Polispol
  • Rivers
  • Willyrex

Later, the team also found a massive ice block that turned out to be Carre, another Spanish speaker.

Other Members

While boats and planes sound interesting, they might be the first choice for every person. Here are all the other QSMP members who had their separate entrances to the Quesadilla island:

  • Bagi: Played by the creator with the same name, Bagi is a Portuguese speaker. She was invited to the island by the president.
  • Rubius: A Spanish-speaking member of QSMP who was once known as The Angel who provided rewards for islanders.
  • 악어 (Acau): A Korean-speaking member of QSMP who joined the server during the 2024 welcome event.
  • 중력 (Jungryeok): The second Korean-speaking member who joined the server during the 2024 event.

Alternate Characters

Many QSMP members play more than one character on the island. Here are all of the known ones:

  • ElQuackity: An alternate character played by Quackity who acts as the mysterious brother of the Quackity.
  • The Devil: Rubius's alternate character.
  • Arin: A mysterious AI entity that roams the island and speaks various languages. It is portrayed by LuzuVlogs.
  • Sapo Peta: A Spanish character played by Maximus3blog who joined during an island event.
  • Abueloier: Also known as Alfredo, he is the grandfather of Roier. Paradoxically, Roier is the one playing this character.
  • Hombre Misterioso: A mysterious figure that only a few residents have seen to date. It is also portrayed by Roier.
  • Ayrobot: When Aypierre, a French speaker got his body destroyed, his mind was transported into a bot's body.
  • Doied: A Spanish speaker who is the twin brother of Roier. As you can guess, this character is also played by Roier.

All QSMP Members and Characters

Now that you are familiar with the QSMP members, it’s time to discover options on our Minecraft SMP server list. You can find a bunch of great servers for endless fun with your friends. Meanwhile, the Dream USMP is perfect for fun storylines featuring your favorite creators. But, let’s not stray too far from the server at hand. Which is your favorite QSMP member? Share your pick on our Discord server!

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