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QSMP Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

Quackity’s QSMP server is home to a variety of fun and exciting features. You can find floating islands, working trains, and even underground prisons. Yet something that has confused members and viewers alike is Quackity’s QSMP eggs. What are these creatures and how do they even work? Let’s find out!

Quackity QSMP Eggs

From their functionality to server lore, our guide goes over everything you need to know about QSMP eggs in their Minecraft SMP server.

What are QSMP Eggs

Eggs are friendly entities that act like children for the members of the QSMP server. These creatures spawn during random events and provide rewards to their caretakers. But, things aren't as simple as it seems.

Because of their fragile nature, it is quite easy to hurt or even break QSMP eggs which often leads to punishment. Not to forget, many eggs on the server might never find an owner

Features of Eggs

All eggs in QSMP have these basic features on the server:

  • Each egg has only two lives and there is no way to restore lost lives
  • The island residents must help complete weekly Egg Quests for the eggs to survive
  • Entities like The Federation, The Code Entities, and The Eye Soldiers continuously try to harm these QSMP eggs

How Did Eggs Came to Be

As per the QSMP lore, all these eggs come from a mother dragon, similar to the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. But, you don't need to get an Elytra or fight the dragon to obtain these eggs.

Instead, these walking eggs appear during server events, the arrival of new residents, or in locations like Egg Island. Most of the time, you can get hints about an egg's origin story from its appearance and props.

List of QSMP Eggs

At the moment, there are 11 active eggs on the QSMP server, including:

  • Pomme (2 lives)
  • Richarlyson (2 lives)
  • Tallulah (2 lives)
  • 춘식 (2 lives)
  • Empanada (2 lives)
  • Pepito (1 live)
  • Sunnysideup (2 lives)
  • Chayanne (2 lives)
  • Dapper (2 lives)
  • Leonarda (2 lives)
  • Ramón (2 lives)

Other than these, several eggs including Bobby, Juanaflippa, Trump, and Tilin broke during events. There are also two mysterious eggs by the name of Egg A1 and Ju4n4Fl1pp4 whose whereabouts are unknown.

How Do QSMP Eggs Work

Breaking away from the server lore, all of the QSMP eggs are player entities that the admins control. As you might expect, these admins are anonymous and only play their characters during the stream. But unlike players, these eggs don't have any nametags which makes them appear like mobs. This, along with their chaotic behavior, adds a new level of fun to QSMP.

Meet Quackity QSMP Eggs

Now that the story of QSMP eggs is clear, it’s time to explore other mysterious elements of Minecraft. A major one is the villager inflation in Minecraft which can even surprise experienced players. But that’s nothing in front of core mechanics like teleportation in Minecraft. Having said that, what other mysteries in Minecraft puzzle you? Share your picks and get some answers on our Discord server!

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