Dream SMP

Dream SMP

Dream is probably the most prominent Minecraft YouTuber out there; I say probably because Mr. Beast plays Minecraft a lot nowadays, and he has a higher subscriber count. Still, suppose you look at Minecraft YouTubers specifically then, Dream is the undisputed king with a ridiculous amount of subscribers on his channel which is 29 million at the moment and soon might touch 30 million as well, which is crazy to think about as he was not so big a couple of years ago.

The rise to fame for Dream has been exponential; I’ve personally never seen such immense growth, I used to watch his video back in the day when he was trying to find Pewdipie’s seed for his survival world, but since then, he did something so unique that it propelled his chance to heights which no Minecraft YouTuber even though were possible to reach.

His hunter vs. Speedrunner videos have garnered millions of views over the months; every video he put out reached millions of views in a couple of hours. But as the speedrunner vs. hunter formula was getting stale, he started an SMP server where he invited Minecraft players. The server is excellent, and many wonder how to join it. Become a part of the dream SMP!

What is Dream's server IP Address

Everyone knows who Dream is; he has 29 million subscribers on youtube, so he’s a megastar, and his server will be in demand. But I don’t think there’s any server out there capable of handling even a million players at a time, let alone 29 million!

Joining Dream’s SMP server is not very hard; you just need the IP address for the server, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but the Dream SMP IP address is unknown. Dream’s SMP is an invite-only server where only a select few people are given the IP address to come and join.

I know that many players have claimed to have found the IP address for the server, but this is entirely false; the server has the best protection that you can get for Minecraft servers at the moment. Plus, many sources have confirmed that the server's IP address keeps on changing to avoid leaks.

So there you have it, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the IP address for the server isn’t publicly available and won’t be available anytime soon as it is just on feasible. If you find youtube videos claiming that they’ve found the IP address, click away as soon as possible because the IP address will never be found, period.

How to get on Dream’s SMP server?

There’s no way you can get on Dream’s SMP server if you’re a normal Minecraft player. But I’m sure that the Dream Team will host some kind of events in the future, as this is done by many Minecraft YouTubers. To get into these events, you’ll have to keep a close eye out for announcements to get on the list for players. Now I don’t work on the Dream Team, so I have no clue if they’ll ever host an event or not, I’m just going by a general estimate as Mr. Beast has done such events in the past Dream might as well do them.

Or just become a famous Minecraft YouTuber, and you’ll get invited to the server (this seems like a long shot, try looking for opportunities on the social media instead)

What is Dream's SMP server?

Minecraft can also be played online. When you play online with other players, you can add new plugins and mods to the game to double the fun you have when playing with your friends. Dreams have done this with some of his trusted friends and created an online server where they hang out together and play!

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, which simply means playing the base vanilla game in survival mode with your friends in the same world. When you play alone, there isn’t much that you can do as the game doesn’t have the best story mode compared ot other games, but when you play with others, the possibilities are endless.

You can have mini-games, events, and player-run economics; the Drams SMP server also has one of these features on it. But most importantly, the Dreams SMP server has a great cast; the people playing in his have fun personalities which, when put in a world together, enjoyably interact with each other. That’s why the server is so damn famous.

The server has also had many major events since the server started a couple of years ago in May 2020. Since the server came online, many notable events have taken place on the server; if you’re a newbie, you should start watching the video from the start to get a grasp on what has transpired from the start.

Servers similar to Dream’s server

Don't be sad that you weren’t able to get on the Dream SMP server; there are a lot of SMP servers it threw which are really fun to play and also feature some great events and engaging story, some of the best ones are as follows - 

Vanilla Europa

This server only features the SMP mode and no skyblock, bedwars, or any other mini-game making it an ideal choice as the admonish will put more effort into making the SMP experience the best!

IP Address -  play.vanillaeuropa.com

Play Fuse

Play fuse is yet another great server to start your survival journey on; it has a lot of excellent custom items, enchants abilities, and more than spice up the vanilla game without straying away too far.

IP Address - topg.playfuse.net


Survivewirthus offers a great community with whom you can build lasting bonds and play for a long time. The server features a ton of great plugins which enhance the gameplay; definitely worth checking out!

IP Address - mc.survivewith.us

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