Are Minecraft servers free?

Minecraft is a beautiful game, but after playing alone for a while, you start to get bored; now, don’t get me wrong, Minecraft is the game with the most replay ability of any game in existence, but not every player enjoys the solitude that Minecraft has, especially when the only human-like interaction in the game is with the dumb villagers.

In times like this, multiplayer Minecraft can help you feel better about playing the game. Multiplayer Minecraft is one of the best things to ever happen to the game. Multiplayer servers host various games like skywars. You will always find something you like.

Minecraft servers

Minecraft has allowed third party players to come in and set up servers on which you can enjoy Minecraft multiplayer. So because of this, many competing Minecraft servers popped off the scene and still operate to this day. This Minecraft server hosts many players, so you will always have someone to play with when you log in.

Not only that, but most of these servers also feature a lot of custom things like custom maps, custom textures, custom items, armors, blocks, biomes, etc. The skies the limit when you’re building your own servers. 

If you like MMORPGs, then there are servers out there that have created an entire MMORPG world; if you like playing war games, there are servers that will gladly allow you to join. The point is trying to make is that there is always something out there that you’ll like.

Running these servers is no joke, so do they allow the players to join them for free?

Are Minecraft Servers free?

Minecraft servers are hard to maintain. Many admins operate day and night to keep the server going smoothly. So do you have to pay to access Minecraft servers, or is this cost built into the price when you buy Minecraft? This is a question that many new players have, and the simple short answer is no!

Most of the servers out there won’t charge a penny to get you on them as they earn money by selling in-game items and ranks depending upon the server you’re on. Most of the big servers won’t cost you any money; you can simply login to your Minecraft account and start playing online multiplayer.

But this doesn’t mean every server will be free; there are servers out there that can ask you for monthly payments to maintain the server. Still, as I mentioned earlier, this won’t be the case for most servers out there. 

But you will have to buy the game to play online multiplayer, as most of the servers out there won’t allow you to join their servers if you have a cracked version of the game. But this doesn’t mean that the cracked version of the game can’t connect to servers; there are special servers out there for cracked players which you can join if you want to.

Is hosting a Minecraft server free? 

Hosting your own Minecraft server costs actually money; you can’t host a Minecraft server for free, Though there are some services out there that claim to offer free Minecraft servers, most of them don’t, and even if they did, you wouldn’t be allowed to play 24/7, or there will be some restrictions for sure.

To have a Minecraft server up and running, you'll have to deal with third-party providers who can charge anywhere between $0.79 to $10 per month depending upon the services they provide you. These third-party ghosting solutions are very popular, and you can start playing right away once you buy their plans.

You can also play online by using Minecraft Realms, a new service that Mojang has introduced to Minecraft, which is basically Minecraft's in-house hosting solution. Minecraft realms are costlier than third-party hosting solutions but provide ease of setting up. So if you’re a person who doesn’t mind setting up a server on their own, the third-party hosts are the best way to go!

Top 5 Types of Minecraft servers to play on in 2022 


These servers have no rules; you can hack, lot, grief, and destroy other players; there are no limits to what you can or can't do on these servers!


These servers host a lot of different mini-games like bedwars, skywars, war games, capture the flag, etc. These servers are some of the most popular ones because of their extensive library of games.


Ever played an MMORPG? Minecraft has its own MMORPG servers, which are very good and the best choice for you, like RPGs.


Normal survival Minecraft but with multiplayer mode and a player-run economy!


Survival Minecraft, but you’ll have to claim land by the means assigned din the server; you can’t build on other’s lands!

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