How to make smooth stone in Minecraft?

Minecraft, in general, has a lot of blocks; even without mod packs or added plugins, the game has a lot to offer to the player when it comes to blocks. As of now, there are hundreds of different blocks in Minecraft that you can use to build anything you imagine in your Minecraft world. And the devs at Minecraft just keep adding more!

Stone in Minecraft is one such block; it is found in abundance almost everywhere, except for the end dimension. The Nether also houses a special kind of stone type called Blackstone. As the name suggests, the stone is black in color and can be found in the Basalt Deltas that are generated in the Nether dimension. It also has a lot of variants!

Like Blackstone, the stone that we found in the overworld also has a lot of different variants that you can use in the building. When you break the stone block, you get cobblestone; when you smelt cobblestone, you get stone, you can use this stone to make stone bricks, and if you smelt stone blocks, you get the Smooth Stone block in Minecraft.

The block is trendy amongst builders in the game and can be crafted with ease. So let’s take a look at how to craft tis fantastic block!

Materials needed


To craft smooth stone in Minecraft, you’ll obviously need stone first. As it is one of the most significant blocks in the game, you won’t have a hard time finding it. Stone blocks can be found under the layers of dirt in any Minecraft world and the mountains. The stone layer will go as deep as you until you hit the new deepslate layer, after which every block will be deepslate!

Once you find the stone block, simply mine it with a pickaxe. Now you can use any pickaxe that you want when mining stone as, unlike the ores, stone block doesn’t require any particular type of pickaxe to mine; you can mine the stone with a wooden pickaxe or a Netherite one; the only difference will be the speed and efficiency with which you mine the block.

You'll get cobblestone block when you mine the stone block, as stone blocks don’t drop when mined. To mine stone directly, you’ll have to use a pickaxe with a particular enchantment called silk touch; the enchantment comes in varying levels and can be used to mine glass without breaking it. When you mine Redstone with this pickaxe, they’ll drop as ores and not as dust.


Once you have the stone, you’ll also need a furnace to set the stone in. A furnace is a block in Minecraft that can be used to smelt various different blocks and food items in the game. The furnace can be crafted by using 8 cobblestone blocks. Then simply put the eight blocks according to the recipe, and you'll have a furnace at your disposal!

The furnace is an all-rounder, so it can smelt ores and food alike. Still, if you need any more speed when smelting only ores, you can use the blast furnace for more speed, and if you want to cook food only when smelting, then a smoker will be the right block. You can either use a blast furnace or an average furnace for smooth stone!


Every furnace needs fuel to run. You can use a whole different range of items as fuel, but coal is the most efficient and readily available. They can be found across the overworld in large quantities so that you don’t have to keep ming for coal. Everything you want to smelt is a little potato!

You can mine coal with any pickaxe in the game, and when you mine it, you’ll get coal in its raw state, which is used as fuel. You can store the coal ore more efficiently by converting it into a block of coal!

If you use pickaxes with a fortune enchantment on them, your chance of getting more coal increases; this way, you get a lot of coal!

Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the necessary items at your disposal, simply toss the stone blocks and the coal into the furnace. You’ll have smelted your very own smooth stone in Minecraft!

Smooth Stone Uses

Smooth stone is a very versatile block and can be used in many different ways when it comes to Minecraft. Below we have mentioned all the different ways the smooth stone blocks can be used!


Building is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft; even though it doesn't play any role in competing in your game, building an excellent base really makes a lot of difference when you’re playing the game. A base can be your base of operation till you defeat the dragon, and after that, you can continue playing if you want.

The smooth stone block is greyish; it can be used in conjunction with the stone block variants like cobblestone, stone bricks, etc. The block will really shine when it comes to making the stone walls look more detailed as it can be used to texture walls. Its distinct borderlines give it a lovely pattern!

Because of the pattern the block makes when kept side by side, it can be used as a floor that looks very similar to the floor in our real world. This is why you’ll always see smooth stone blocks in modern house builds!

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is a recently added block similar to a furnace in Minecraft. But unlike the furnace, which takes a lot of time to smelt ores, the blast furnace can do the same smelting but a lot faster than the traditional furnace that we are used to. The blast furnace smelts ores, and the smoker are there or cooking food faster.

The blast furnace can be crafted using a normal furnace, 5 iron ingots, and 3 smooth stone blocks!


The smooth stone block also has its own variants similar to the other stone blocks in the game. The smooth stone block can be further cut down into a slab identical to a smooth stone block but has half the block size. A smooth stone block can be crafted into a smooth stone slab by using a stone cutter or a normal crafting table!

Armor stand 

The smooth stone slab can be used to craft a convenient decorative item. As the name suggests, the armor stand is an item that lets you display your armor too in different poses. You can choose the pose by clicking on the armor stand. You’ll need 6 sticks and three smooth stone slabs to craft one armor stand!

Natural Generation

Unlike the stone block, the smooth stone doesn't generate natural biomes, so you can't mine it directly in some cave. However, the smooth stone blocks are found naturally causing in some houses in the plains, savanna, and snow plains villages, in the butcher's houses precisely, that too in the form of blocks and slabs.


The smooth stone block was first added into the game back in the 1.3 updates, so it has been a part of the game since the early days of Minecraft. And it was added to the Bedrock edition of the game pretty early on as well, in the 1.9 betas!

Blocks similar to smooth stone

Smooth Stone is a variant of the stone block. Hence it mostly goes along with the blocks that are stone or grey in color. Here is a list of blocks that are similar to the smooth stone visually - 

  • Stone
  • Cobble
  • Stone bricks
  • Grey wool
  • White wool
  • Grey concrete powder
  • Concrete powder
  • Grey concrete
  • Grey shulker box
  • Coral block
  • Gravel
  • Andesite
  • Polished andesite
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