BSL Shaders (How to install)

How to download and install BSL Shaders in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, and rightfully so. The game lets you unleash your creativity in a sandbox world, literally letting you do anything, from building physics-defining structures to using the spawning mechanics to build farms. The possibilities are endless!

Minecraft first came out a decade ago, and aesthetically, nothing much has changed since then. Yes, many more biomes have been added, and the world generation has been revamped, but the texture style still remains the same. This is not to say that the textures are bad, but they could be better. Simply adding dynamic lighting to the game can drastically change Minecraft's looks and feels.

But as we know, Minecraft doesn’t have dynamic lightning yet; this is where shaders come into play. Shaders are created mainly by the modding community; these shaders make the game look a hundred times better than before by simply adding dynamic lighting and other features to the world. Shaders are an amazing addition when playing on servers.

Real-time shadows combined with the Minecraft textures is a great combination that I don’t understand why Mojang wouldn’t add to the game.

As Mojang shows no signs of adding shaders to the vanilla game, let’s download and install a shader pack on our own. 

In summary, to install BSL Shaders:

  1. Download optifine
  2. Extract optifine & install it
  3. Go to Curse Forge website to download BSL Shaders
  4. Launch Minecraft with optifine installation
  5. Click on video settings then click on Shaders
  6. Click on Shaders Folder button
  7. Place BSL shaders in this shaders folder
  8. Go back to Minecraft and select BSL Shaders
  9. Done!

BSL Shaders

When choosing a shader, the go-to choice for most Minecraft players is BSL shaders. The 8 million downloads for this shader should let you know how popular this shader pack is. When you see YouTubers with shaders, this is the one they’re using most of the time.

BSL Shaders are popular for their lighting, which is bright yet warm and is very soft on your eyes. Unlike other shaders where the light from the sun is literally blinding, BSL Shaders illuminate the world in soothing light. 

BSL Shaders also provide a lot of different customization options, making the shader a great one for those who are not used to playing with them.

In the next section, we’ll show you how to download and install this shader pack and the things necessary to be done before installing the shader pack. We’ll also go over the settings and the various options the shaders provide to set the shaders as per your convenience.

#1 Downloading Optifine

Before downloading BSL Shaders, we first need to get some things set up. Optfine is a mod necessary for installing this shaders pack. Instead, we’ll have to download and install the optfine mod. 

Optfine is a Minecraft optimization mod that allows advanced HD Textures, shaders, and many other configuration options. Basically, it makes your vanilla game better.

Step #1: Go to the Optfine home page

To download the mod, first, you’ll have to go to the home page. Go to the home page by clicking this.

Step #2: Go to the download section

Simply click on the download section, and it’ll take you to the downloads page.

Step #3: Download the mod

Rather than clicking on the Download button, opt for the Mirror button. You’ll go directly to the download link, skipping the unwanted ads.

Once you click, your download should start, and once downloaded, move on to the next section, where we show you how to install the mod.

#2 Extract and install optifine

Step #1: Locate the mod

Once you download the mod, locate the mod in your file directory; most probably it will be in the Downloads folder unless you saved it somewhere else.

Step #2: Click on install

Next, you'll have to double-click the file to install it, and that’s it!

If the file doesn't run for you or it doesn’t install properly, this might be because you don’t have the latest version of JAVA on your PC. This is a minuscule error that many people run into; you can fix this by simply downloading and installing the latest version of JAVA by going here.

#3 Download BSL Shaders

Step #1: Go to Curse forge 

You can go to the download page for the shader by clicking here

Step #2: Download BSL Shaders

Simply download the file for the shaders. Remember to download the shaders for the appropriate version; here, we are using the latest version of Minecraft, hence 1.18.2.

#4 Turning on BSL Shaders

Step #1: Launch Minecraft

Launch your Minecraft, and you’ll see that the Optfine profile has been selected for you. If it doesn’t, simply select it manually.

Step #2: Go to settings

When the game has loaded in, you’ll have to click on the options button. Then video settings and then shaders! (Options->Video Settings->Shaders)

Step #3: Open the shaders folder

You’ll see a button in the shaders menu in the bottom left corner, the shaders folder. Click that, and a new window will open up.

Step #4: Add BSL Shaders to the shaders folder

Simply drag and drop the BSL Shaders file in the shaders folder that you opened up. And that is, that is how you download the BSL Shaders, isn’t it easy?

Now, depending on what kind of PC You're running your Minecraft on, the settings for the shaders will vary a lot. The BSL Shaders are popular for one reason: customization. There is no perfect shader pack out there and everyone has a different taste when it comes to how the game looks.

So we won’t provide you with any rigid settings that you can’t control. But we can shed some light on how you can optimize the shaders for your PC. First and foremost, the profile option in the shaders settings should take care of everything; if you don’t have a gaming PC, you can stick with the Medium or Low profile.

Furthermore, you can turn off colored shadows and set the saturation to low to boost performance even more. Apart from that, you can also set many settings to the lowest possible setting to gain some FPS. And that’s basically it; if you still can’t run BSL shaders even at the lowest settings, it’s time to upgrade your PC!

Andrew M.

Andrew M. is a contributor to our news feed here at Servers-Minecraft and is passionate about all things Minecraft!