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Minecraft is a game that emphasizes the survival aspect; they allow the single-player to do whatever they want to do with the world. The world is their sandbox, but the thing is. Eventually, you get bored of playing in a world where the only human-like interaction you have is with a villager who is as dumb as a sheep in the game. The solitude might be great at first, but soon you realize that you’re feeling lonely.

That’s where Minecraft multiplayer comes into the picture. Playing multiplayer on different servers from the multiplayer tab in the main menu is one thing. Creating a new world and playing with your friends is another.

Minecraft is a bizarre game when it comes to multiplayer. Suppose you’re a Fortnite or PUBG player. In that case, you might be astonished by the fact that Multiplayer in Minecraft is, for some reason, very complex as compared to other multiplayer games, as you have to set up a server or go on someone’s personal server to play multiplayer.

And this is because of the way the game is built. Unlike Fortnite and PUBG, where you can enter a map and leave when you lose, the maps you create in Minecraft have t stay there forever! The size of the map keeps increasing as you discover new territories!

As you might know, servers cost actual money, so Minecraft can’t take the burden of millions of players it has and provide free servers to all of them. They’ll literally lose billions of dollars if they do something like this. So what’s the solution here? Let’s take a look at it in the next section.

How does minecraft hosting work?

To play Minecraft multiplayer with your friends privately, you’ll need a server on which the world will run. You can do this in three ways!


You can literally create a server right from your PC and run it without issue. But the thing is, you’ll need a mighty PC to take the burden off you and your friends who will be playing this PC. It will be fine if you have a decent gaming PC and only plan to invite 2-3 friends; the server will work perfectly.

You can learn how to set up a locally hosted server for free by following this guide - enter the guide for local hosting.

Third-party host

There are third-party companies out there that are more than willing to accept money in exchange for their servers. These server websites will provide you with a server that has been set up in advance; they’ll also provide a friendly UI so that you can maintain and use the server without any hassle.

You activate as many layers as you want on your server if you take a big server for your needs. All in all, these third party servers are the ones that most people use, and we'll be shedding some light on the best one in the next section.


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a local server or going to a third-party hosting site, purchasing, and setting up a server, you have a third option. Minecraft's in-house hosting system allows you to host a world on their own servers. 

This service is called Realms, and you can find more about it by clicking the reals button in the Minecraft menu.

Apex Minecraft Hosting review

This section will shed some light on why Apex is the best hosting service out there, Apex Hosting. It has been in the game for years at this point and has a very professional way of doing things; they also have the best in class UI panel, so let’s see why you should choose Apex for your hosting needs if you want to set up a server via third party company.

If you go to Apex Hosting’s site, you won’t see anything fancy, most of the third-party hosts out there build a very fancy site, but under the hood, they have a terrible way of managing things. Apex hosting’s site is good because I think it makes the point why you should choose them as they present facts right out the box, let’s see some of the most important aspect of this service.


The Apex team will make sure you have no issue installing any plugin or mod into the server; their customer service will guide you through the entire process, and you can also change the version as many times as you like.

DDOS Protection

It is essential to have a server that doesn't crash every time you try to play them because some hacklers thought it would be fun to attack their servers. DDOS attacks are some of the worst attacks on a server, apart from spamming and other attacks. Apex has one of the best DDoS protection systems in place.

Low latency

This is the most significant advantage Apex has over any of its competitors, its low latency feature. Apex has a lot of servers across the globe, especially in North America and Europe; this makes the servers really fast and responsive, making your playing experience the best it can be!

Free subdomain

This is also one of Apex’s unique features; it provides the owner of the server a free subdomain that they can use. This makes your server look more professional, and just think about it; how cool would it be to have a server named after you!

Automated backups

The automated backups keep your world safe from crashes or errors that might happen while the server is running. You won’t want to lose your world, which you played for 1-2 years, to a simple crash as your world data got corrupted, it is essential to backups, and Apex takes care of that.

UI Panel

Apex hosting offers a premium-looking control panel that will make your life very easy; you won’t have to type in commands to do every task.


The pricing for apex hosting starts at $7.49, and this payment is recurring. You can check out all the plans in the mage up here. This is a very good deal for the services they provide compared to other hosting services!


As you can see, Apex provides a lot of great features. Still, the thing is, a lot of the third-party hosting services claim to do the same thing, so why should you choose Apex, especially when there are other hosting services like Elixir Node out there which literally charge $0.79 for a basic server?

Most of these services claim to do stuff when in reality, they don’t. Plus, the reasons for choosing Apex are their servers; they have servers on every continent and a lot more in the US and Europe, so you won’t ever face lag. So it’s up to you, less money doesn’t always equal good quality, so if you want a great experience playing the game with your friends, Apex would be the best option in 2022.

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